Data Governance

Get the right data into the right hands. Fluree enables high-quality, trusted data to be shared across domains while retaining security policies.

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Maximize Data ROI. Reduce Risk.

There’s a tight spot between protecting data to reduce risk and providing access to high quality data for analytics and innovation. Fluree’s semantic graph technology, paired with data-centric policy enforcement opens up high-quality, trusted data to your organization while managing security.

F.A.I.R. Data

At Fluree, we believe all data must be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. Fluree uses the power of semantics to democratize trusted golden records that can be found, understood, and leveraged by anyone across your organization.

Fluree Sense makes it easy to transform siloed, duplicated data into high-quality data assets, while Fluree Core enables granular data sharing policies that protect sensitive information. 

Read more on F.A.I.R. Data here.

Data-Centric Security

With Fluree, data policies are embedded into the data tier but are flexible enough to enable any kind of data sharing pattern.

Level 1: Data Policies

Data Restriction

Build simple Relationship-Based Access (RelBac) model to allow a small number of policies to enforce granular (“cell-level”) access for all data operations.

Level 2: Query

Query Limitation

Restrict the type and granularity of allowed queries for any type of user, application, or organization (e.g. average or sum at a state level). 

Level 3: SMPC


Perform specific analytics “on the glass” using Zero Knowledge & Secure Multiparty Computations that enable data analysis betweeen two parties in a “clean room.”

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