Improving Pharmaceutical Product, Cost, and Success Rate Profiles

Leverage IDMP-O (identification of medicinal products ontology) to cut costs and boost R&D through aligned semantics and trusted data sharing.


Improving Pharmaceutical Product, Cost, and Success Rate Profiles

Vitality Technet and Fluree have developed a solution that demonstrates the feasibility of semantic alignment to foster faster discovery and continuous collaboration.


Transforming Pharmaceutical Data Silos into Shared Knowledge with IDMP, Semantics, and Digital Trust Technologies

Join Steve Hamby (Vitality TechNet) and Eliud Polanco (Fluree) for a discussion on transforming siloed pharma data into rich semantic knowledge graphs for faster drug discovery and automated global regulatory compliance.

What we’ll cover:
  • Challenges to data interoperability within Pharma and Life Sciences

  • Overview of IDMP-O (Identification of Medicinal Products Ontology)

  • Emerging AI technologies for semantic alignment and integration

  • Emerging digital trust technologies for sharing and compliance

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