FLUREE SENSE: golden records pipeline

Let’s Get Your Data In Order

Fluree Sense cleanses, integrates and masters any type and amount of disparate data using AI/ML. We turn dirty, siloed data into semantic golden records.

The Data Dilemma

Only 3% of Company Data Meets Basic Quality Standards

Today, data is scattered across the organization – sprawling, disconnected heterogeneous data sources that are potentially duplicated, out-of-date, inaccessible, and most likely never used. We help you fix that.

Fluree Sense replaces expensive data engineering and software with AI/ML-driven workflows that can scale to billions of records.

The Fluree Sense Process

Complete AI Data Management Solution
To Transform Raw Business Data Into Golden Records.

Discover & Extract


Auto-discover and connect to any data source (batch or real-time), allowing you to build re-usable data pipelines on-the-fly. Ingest tracks and reports data lineage back to your metadata system.

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Profile, Map & Model


Automatically profile, map, and model your data according to your requirements using trained machine learning. Auto-Generate pipelines on the fly from ingest to transform data to your target model.

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Resolve & Master


Analyze, compare, and align your data at scale. We use AI/ML to match and merge data from multiple sources using survivorship, entity resolution, and data quality rules and publish semantic golden records.

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Why Fluree Sense?

Eliminating Data Silos can be costly and time consuming. We help organizations with their most difficult data transformations by replacing expensive data engineering with automation.

Ready to Use
  • Connect to 30+ Data Sources Out of the Box
  • Complete a POC in under 3 months
Complete Solution
  • Handles all aspects of data discovery, cleansing, mapping, conversion, and transfer
  • Trained by subject matter experts replicate domain knowledge
  • Scales significantly overtime with >99% accuracy
Designed for Business Users
  • User-Friendly UI
  • Outputs Analytical-Ready Data
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Designed For Your Data Initiative

Legacy to Golden Records

Data Transformation

Whether you are consolidating data silos, migrating your data to a new platform, or building an MDM platform, we can help you build clean, accurate, and reliable golden records.

✅ Data Cleansing and Mastering
✅ Data Governance
✅ Data Integration & Reconciliation

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Legacy to Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph Acceleration

Transform legacy data into linked, semantic knowledge. Fluree Sense automates the data mappings from local formats to a universal ontology and transforms into RDF.

✅ Ontology Mapping
✅ Physical Transformation to RDF
✅ Load into Knowledge Graph DB

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Legacy to Fluree

Bridge to Fluree Core

Fluree Sense auto-discovers data across applications and data lakes, cleans and formats them into JSON-LD, and loads them into Fluree’s intelligent database.

✅ Data Sharing and Collaboration
✅ Immutability and Trusted Data
✅ Data-Centric Security

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Product Demo

Fluree Sense in Action

Learn more on the tools and technology that power Fluree Sense in this demo from Fluree President Eliud Polanco.

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