Intelligent Content Classification

From Content to Knowledge

Best-in-class content classification and tagging software, powered by NLP.

Fluree Content Auto-Tagging Manager transforms unstructured data into semantically organized content that is searchable and available across your organization.

The Data Dilemma

Your Unstructured
Data is Untapped

Are you sitting on a potential goldmine of insights from your unstructured data? Tired of manually sifting through and tagging digital content for re-use and analytics?

Fluree’s Content Auto-Tagging Manager automates mundane and time-consuming indexing processes while allowing manual, qualitative review of machine-processed content. Build a rich, interconnected knowledge graph of FAIR data (Findable Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) to deliver actionable insights to business users and data scientists.

Deliver Semantic Golden Records

 Content Tagging Rules, Workflows, and Monitoring All in One Place.  Execute auto-tagging workflows, review results, and monitor usage.

Out of the Box Connectors

Enhance your content management systems with several out-of-the-box native connectors.

  • PDFs
  • Word Documents
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Drupal
  • OpenText
  • WordPress
  • SharePoint
  • Zendesk
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Facebook
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Google Speech

Do More With Your Unstructured Data

Configure Templates and Scale Up Workflows

Uncover Hidden Insights From Your Content

Monitor Applications and Manage Access Controls

Provide Rich Knowledge Graph to Data Consumers

  • Use existing templates for the creation of new resources (profiles, connectors, scripts, workflows, and engines)
  • Edit and reload content tagging configuration without server restart
  • View classification rules, RDF resources, and gazetteers
  • Analyze a corpus of several documents in one go
  • Detect candidate terms automatically
  • Bulk extract terminology from a corpus with TF/IDF scores
  • Compute precision/recall metrics at document or corpus level
  • Editable and granular rights for profiles
  • Manage access controls centrally, or integrate with your enterprise IAM system
  • Track workload and activities from the user and administrator dashboards
  • Publish reference data using open standards and formats
  • Enable internal/external access to enterprise data via any web browser
  • Organize and control the type and amount of data shared with clients
  • Capture client requests for terminology improvement
  • Aggregate data sources to streamline integration with applications
Use Cases

How Organizations Use Fluree
to Deliver Intelligent Content

Food and Beverage

Monitoring Consumer Feedback in Real-Time

A large F&B organization uses Fluree to assign risk tags to incoming consumer service flows and alert quality teams in real time, ranking problems detected in consumer feedback with high accuracy. Fluree clients can quickly analyze user-generated content, detect significant elements to pay attention to and deliver actionable insights.

Financial Services

Empowering a Financial Institution with Metadata

We partnered with a large financial services client that identified the need for a globally shared metadata inventory across all content managers (data dictionaries, business glossaries, authority lists). Our solution enabled a standardized, organization-wide approach to centrally manage and share standardized data more effectively.


Building Enterprise Common Classification

The City of Toronto partnered with Fluree to standardize their content tagging and vocabularies in order to enhance searchability for both their internal teams and the public on their websites. Fluree was able to save considerable manual effort in the creation and upkeep of taxonomies, enabling faster, more reliable content search for all of the city’s stakeholders.

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