Zero-Trust Data Sharing

Fluree’s data platform enables data to be shared in-place across trust boundaries while protected by policy.

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Hurdles to Data Sharing

Collaborating around shared knowledge drives industries forward, but organizations are hesitant to share data across boundaries due to the risks and costs of security, trust, and interoperability.

Solving for Collaboration

Fluree combines open standards, semantics, and distributed ledger technology into a flexible database platform so data can be verified, integrated, and shared seamlessly across analytical and operational environments.


Fluree empowers data owners to retain control and ownership over their information while enabling granular data sharing policies enforced across domains. Participants in Data Ecosystems have more control over who they share data with, for how long, and under what circumstances.

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Share data across trust boundaries with distributed ledger technology. Fluree cryptographically signs and seals every piece of data in its system allowing anyone to independently verify the origin, lineage, and authenticity of data across its lifecycle.

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Universal standards for linked data enables interoperability across disparate systems, allowing for schema-at-query time. Data in your ecosystem can be universally understood and applied across industry-wide ontologies, domain vocabularies and source system schemas. 

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Share Intelligently

 Developers, data scientists, and third party ecosystems use Fluree to securely share semantic, original data with zero-copy-integration in a consent-controlled environment.

Data-Centric Security

With Fluree, data policies are locked in-place but flexible enough to enable any kind of data sharing pattern.

Level 1: Data Policies

Data Restriction

Build and enforce simple Relationship-Based Access policies for all data users and operations.

Level 2: Query

Query Limitation

Restrict the type and granularity of allowed queries for any type of user, application, or organization.

Level 3: SMPC


Enable secure Zero-Knowledge data analysis betweeen two parties through virtual data clean rooms.

Build Secure, Trusted Data Ecosysems

Data Virtualization


Data Exchange

Federate Data From Multiple Disparate Sources

With Fluree, data sitting across multiple domains and systems can be composed together without ever replicating or physically moving it. This provides higher levels of data accessibility with self-service analytics that can span across your data ecosystem.

Prepare and Deliver Curated Data Products to End-Users

Curate golden records for analytics and operations across trust boundaries. With Fluree, you can serve high-quality, highly-governed data to anyone with policy protections in place.

Collaborate on Dynamic, Shared Data in a Complex and Hybrid Environment

Fluree supports a real-time flow of data across systems, domains, and organizations. Create decentralized data sharing platforms where ownership, privacy, and security are democratized to various participants.

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