The Web3 Data Platform

Fluree emphasizes data integrity, facilitates secure data sharing, and powers rich data insights — all in one pluggable stack. Welcome to better data management.

Built for Developers

Fluree empowers data-first development across the entire stack. By reducing the need for custom code and API bloat, Fluree harmonizes front and back end development under a single source of data truth.

Enterprise Ready

With Fluree, data is your application. Champion industry collaboration, accelerate digital transformation of existing systems, or build new products that harness the value of data.

Rich Graph Queries

Stop the endless joins. Ask what SQL simply cannot ask. GraphQL, SPARQL, and JSON-based FlureeQL for rich, declarative insights across all data sources.

Real Time Apps

Power no-fetch queries for real-time applications. Embed Fluree as a query peer alongside your code with javascript and serve up automatic subscriptions.

F.A.I.R. Data

Provide data with the characteristics it needs to be a valuable enterprise asset. Fluree instantly makes data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

Data Silo Elimination

Reduce cost, complexity, and risk of sharing data by consolidating API development and maintenance. Leverage blockchain for greater data collaboration.


Codify permission logic as co-resident data. Data-centric security allows your apps to bypass bloated security layers and efficiently deliver trusted data.

Time Travel

In Fluree, time is a first-class citizen. Issue queries against any historical point in time (past or hypothetical future). It's like 'git' for all of your data.

Deployable Anywhere

Cloud-native and server-agnostic. Fluree runs on any Java runtime to support your unique data governance and compliance needs.

Instant Knowledge Graph

Operationalize your data from day one. Fluree’s RDF model equips data with semantic context for actionable insights and scalable enterprise intelligence.

It's simple to get started with Fluree

Get started for free. Fluree offers a wide range of deployment options to support your data governance, compliance, and server delivery needs.

A better data platform. Period.

Fluree combines traditional database requirements with cutting-edge innovations.

Blockchain Immutability

Fluree secures data with unbreakable cryptography for extreme data integrity. Provide mathematical proof into the provenance, history, and legitimacy of every piece of information – forever.  

  • Complete data traceability
  • Mathematical proof of legitimacy
  • Single source of truth

Semantic Graph

Capture the true value of data and build sophisticated applications with rich graph queries. With the adoption of semantic RDF standards for leveraging linked data and three supported graph query languages (FlureeQL, SPARQL, and GraphQL), your solutions can answer questions with context, richness, and speed.
  • Output a rich knowledge graph for actionable insights
  • Power machine learning with high-quality and context-rich data
  • Build interoperable data networks
  • Execute queries across disparate sources

Embedded Security

Codify read and write rules as co-resident data alongside the information it is protecting for unprecedented control. SmartFunctions permission logic allows your data to defend itself for a singular and scalable security model. 
  • Directly share your database with outside organizations
  • Consolidate APIs and cut overhead API management costs
  • Build highly custom blockchain networks with built-in governance

Transform Your Industry with Fluree

Innovators use Fluree to tackle their most pressing issues in data management.

MRO Industry


Track the origin and journey of parts for better visibility, compliance, and interoperability across the aerospace MRO value chain.

Credentials & Identity

Combine robust permission-as-code, private/public key cryptography, and custom distributed ledger technology for secure digital identity management.

Supply Chain

Build a digitally connected and collaborative supply chain ecosystem. Harness the value of trusted, traceable, and transparent data with Fluree.


Build next-generation insurance products and workflows. Leverage data integrity for better risk visibility, better industry collaboration, and better fraud prevention.

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Resources to get you started and support you along the Fluree journey.


Reference our comprehensive documentation to get started with Fluree, view examples, and build your first app. 


Fluree guided videos for visual learners:  from setting up a schema to issuing your first query.

Guided Lessons

Learn by doing: Fluree offers a comprehensive set of guided lessons to take you from Fluree beginner to Fluree mastery.

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