Blockchain, meet Database.

FlureeDB is a database purpose-built to fit the requirements of modern enterprise applications, while providing blockchain capabilities for data security, workflow efficiency, and industry interoperability.

Blockchain meets Database

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A Better Enterprise Database.


Guarantee data integrity and resist record tampering with an immutable core ledger

Rich Permission Logic

Permission rules written alongside data provides an unprecedented level of control over information

A Better Enterprise Blockchain.


Evolve your blockchain: Each app can define and evolve its own schema and blockchain over time


Stop pushing metadata to legacy systems: FlureeDB allows you to hold your entire database on-chain

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  • Decentralized

    Optionally run under a set of pre-defined rules in a manner where no entity controls it.

  • Permission

    Built-in permission model allows for granular read and write logic rules to keep data safe.

  • Immutable

    An immutable blockchain core ledger ensures tamper resistance and data integrity.

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Interact with your database, view blocks, and explore your schema, query and stats.

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Free and Enterprise options available

  • Commmunity

    Completely free, no strings attached. Good for proof of concepts, light weight apps, or just a test-spin.

  • DBaas Hosted
  • Community Hosted


    100MB Storage, Community Supported, 1,000,000 Daily "Fuel"

  • Essentials

    Get increased capability, capacity and email support. Additional storage and fuel available.

  • DBaas Hosted
  • Essentials Hosted



    1GB Storage
    10,000,000 Daily "Fuel"



    5GB Storage
    50,000,000 Daily "Fuel"

    *USD/billed annually
  • Enterprise

    Additional capabilities, an enterprise license agreement, a guaranteed SLA, and consulting services to help optimize schemas, queries and db health.

  • DBaas Hosted
  • Enterprise Hosted

    Email/Phone priority support, service level agreement, custom storage and fuel options to fit your needs.

    Guaranteed Support SLA
    Custom storage needs
    Custom "fuel" needs
    Decentralized Consensus
    PBFT Consensus (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance)
    Consulting on schema, database optimization and health.
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