Fluree can help with many data challenges.

From fit-for-purpose enterprise solutions to individual and independent application  development, you have data initiatives and Fluree has features to match.

Zero-Trust Data Sharing

Build real-time data collaboration that spans internal and external organizational boundaries, with protections and controls to meet evolving data policy and privacy regulations.

Verifiable Credentials

From top to bottom, Fluree’s database tooling operates on the exact same standards that power Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers. With Fluree, anyone can natively store, manage, and verify SSI data out of the box.

Golden Records

Fluree offers a path forward for organizations looking to turn legacy data into golden records. We automate the ingestion, classification, profiling, reconciliation, and mastering process.

Data Governance

Get the right data into the right hands. Fluree enables high-quality, trusted data to be shared across domains while retaining security policies.

Knowledge Graph Acceleration

Wherever you are in your Knowledge Graph journey, Fluree has the tools and technology to unify data based on universal meaning. Fluree can answer complex questions that span your business and deliver insight across your organization.

Pharmaceutical Data Sharing

Leverage IDMP-O (identification of medicinal products ontology) to cut costs and boost pharma R&D through aligned semantics and trusted data sharing.

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