Golden Records

Turn Data Chaos into Data Clarity

Fluree offers a path forward for organizations looking to turn legacy data into golden records. We automate the ingestion, classification, profiling, reconciliation, and mastering process.

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Most enterprise data is inaccurate, duplicated, and forgotten in a wasteland of data lakes and silos. Fluree Sense scans and fixes your enterprise data using machine learning to create golden records that can be found and leveraged by anyone along the data value chain.

Status Quo

Move from here…

  • Data Silos Locked away (inaccessible) 
  • Proprietary data format (non-interoperable) 
  • Duplicated
  • Not updated to latest version

…To here.

  • Universally F.A.I.R. (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)
  • Complete, Accurate and Up-to-Date
  • Ready for analytics

The Fluree Sense Process

Complete AI Data Management Solution
To Transform Raw Business Data Into Golden Records.

Data Transformation at Speed and Scale

Data Conversion & Migration

Customer Data Integration

Legacy Data Consolidation

“83 percent of data migrations fail or exceed their budgets and schedules.” – Gartner

Reduce migration time and costs when implementing a new ERP. Fluree Sense combines machine learning with human subject matter experts to identify, cleanse, map, convert, and load legacy data into a new environment.

Read the E-Book: Migrating Legacy Data to SAP /S4HANA in 60 Days: A Guide

“A 5-to-1 professional service to software cost ratio to implement MDM can lead to a potential overall investment exceeding $10 million.” – Forrester

Increase data quality and collaboration with golden customer records. Fluree Sense synchronizes distributed customer data in real-time, allowing your business units to continue using their preferred apps, while still having access to a complete view of customer data.

Watch the 3 Min Overview: Fluree for Salesforce Org Integration

“Data silos cause employees to lose 12 hours a week chasing data.” – Forrester

Your data is likely spread across sources, clouds, and teams. Reconcile and transform your data spaghetti architecture into a single system of truth that works for all data producers and consumers.

Read Case Study: Consolidating 10+ Data Warehouses for Faster Analytics at a Lower Cost

Fluree Case Study

Fluree worked with a large North American Pharmaceutical company to clean and consolidate 10+ disparate data warehouses, cutting time-to-analytics from 9 months to 3 weeks.

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