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From top to bottom, Fluree’s database tooling operates on the exact same standards that power Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers.

With Fluree, anyone can natively store, manage, and verify SSI data.

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SSI Shouldn’t Be Trapped In Middleware

Decentralized Identity exists for shared meaning and interoperability — don’t let your solution lock you into proprietary software and closed data systems. Open-source & standards-driven, Fluree actually aligns your data to the SSI ecosystem you’re targeting.

A Data-Centric Approach to Verifiable Credentials

Digital identity solutions built on DID (Decentralized Identity) and VC (Verifiable Credential) standards need a system of record that can store, manage, and query digital identity data out-of-the-box with native standards.

Don’t: Connect Wallets to Proprietary Databases

  • ETL and data cleansing needed to transform credentials from JSON-LD format into proprietary database formts
  • Disparate, duplicated data spread across credential middleware and legacy data systems
  • No ability to query for DID documents or Verifiable Credentials

Do: Implement Fluree to Connect Users to Wallets

  • Instantly accept, store, and authenticate digital identity documents
  • Build apps and queries against verifiable data stored in Fluree without having to transform the data or build APIs
  • Out-of-the-box traceability for verifiable data

Linked, Trusted Identity Ecosystems

With digital trust and semantic interoperability built-in, Fluree is your system of record to accelerate all efforts in the verifiable credentials space:


Easily issue verifiable credentials using cryptographic signatures and send them using JSON-LD. 


Fluree is an out-of-the-box data store for DID documents and Verification Credentials, allowing for rich data management and querying. 


Automatically verify identity and associated credentials leveraging semantic standards for shared identity and claims criteria.

Key Features

Open Standards

W3C standards for Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized ID

Data Authenticity

Data is signed and sealed using public/private key cryptography

Native JSON-LD

Native applications directly transact and query for JSON-LD

Flexible Data Policies

Provide ownership and control policies over verifiable credentials

Advantages Across Industries

Higher Education

Professional Licensure


Enterprise IAM

Roughly 20,000 students around the world purchase bogus degrees from “Diploma Mills.”
  • Prove the legitimacy of academic credentials
  • Reduce diploma and resume fraud
  • Reduce time-to-verify and overhead in transcript verification
A single month in delayed verification of practitioners costs hospitals $30K/individual.
  • Reduce time-to-verify for industry licensure credentials
  • Make professional credentials portable and interoperable across institutions
  • Build just-in-time credentials for regulated service providers
The US reports nearly 3 million identity fraud cases every year.
  • Digitize identification to fight fraud
  • Build highly tamper-proof identity and access management platforms for state and federal workers
  • Build next-gen skills credentialing and verification
37% of all data breaches involve the use of stolen credentials
  • Create impenetrable data protection and verifiable credentials using advanced cryptography
  • Quickly onboard new professionals into your organization’s IAM systems, or easily extend access credentials beyond your four walls
  • Share data more easily with policy-protected data governance, tied to individual identities

Case Study

The Trusted Learner Network

Fluree has teamed up with ASU to help power the TLN (Trusted Learner Network) for trusted, interoperable digital student transcripts. Using Fluree, ASU has proven significant reductions in time-to-integrated credentials across institutions, while providing students with digital autonomy over their verifiable transcripts.

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