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Fluree’s suite of products set the foundation for intelligent data ecosystems. Build, manage, and share trusted, linked data.

Fluree Knowledge Graph Database

Fluree in the Cloud
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JSON-LD Database with access policies, digital trust, and shared vocabularies built right in.

Fluree Core

Cloud Database

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Fluree Core

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Free open-source Fluree Core instance download with JVM, Docker, or Homebrew

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Fluree Sense

Enterprise Edition

Explore Fluree for enterprise deployment.

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Fluree Knowledge Graph Automation

Fluree ITM

Taxonomy Manager

Build and maintain controlled vocabularies with Fluree’s Intelligent Taxonomy Manager (ITM). From simple SKOS to complex ontologies, Fluree can handle it all.

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Fluree CAM

Content Auto-Tagging

Fluree’s Content Auto-Tagging Manager (CAM), is a best-in-class content classification and tagging software, powered by NLP. Transform unstructured digital assets into knowledge.

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Fluree Sense

Golden Records Data Pipeline

Fluree Sense identifies, classifies, cleans, and maps structured data to your target knowledge model. Start with silos, end with semantic golden records.

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