Intelligent Taxonomy Management

Organize Enterprise Knowledge

Best-in-class taxonomy and ontology management, auto-content tagging and dynamic vocabulary integration across domains.

An Intelligent Approach to Vocabulary Management

Stop Managing Taxonomies in Spreadsheets.

Let’s put an end to the endless cycle of combing through reference data or passing around spreadsheets.

With Fluree’s Intelligent Taxonomy Manager, you can create and enforce controlled vocabularies to generate rich knowledge graphs, powered with intelligent metadata. Build FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data for your colleagues and collaborators.

Drive Accessible, Reusable Enterprise Knowledge

A dynamic, collaborative approach to controlled vocabularies.
Multiple Taxonomies
  • Split data into workspaces
  • Concept and term alignment
  • Taxonomy specific access rights
Multiple Languages
  • Any language and character set
  • Translation management
  • Alignment of taxonomies across languages
Easy Import/Export
  • CSV, Excel
  • OWL, RDF, XML, SKOS, XTM, RDF/XML, N-Triples, Turtle, N3, JSON-LD, and RDF/JSON
Tracking & Alerts
  • Event based alerts
  • Event based data push
  • Audit trail
  • Activity dashboard

Built for Modern Ontologists and Taxonomists

Cross-Domain Vocabularies

Model-Driven Collaboration

Drive Intelligent Knowledge Graphs

Fluree streamlines data integration with expert-reviewed automation for linking diverse data sets and vocabularies. Our workbench employs algorithms to detect and score vocabulary crosswalks, providing user-friendly interfaces for efficient analysis and management. These crosswalks enhance tag translation across terminologies, optimizing search and tagging engines.

Eliminate the inefficiencies of compiling and navigating reference data; instead, set the foundation for success with a singular, trusted data source for your teams, partners, and clients.

Publish your taxonomies to let your clients search & browse your data. Fluree combines the power of a graph database and a search engine index to deliver rapid and rich insights to data consumers.

Use Fluree’s Taxonomy manager in conjunction with Fluree Sense to auto-classify structured and unstructured data, and with Fluree Core to manage concepts within yourknowledge graph. Drive data governance across your organization to improve data accessibility, quality, and compliance.

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