Fluree Core

Open-source immutable graph database packaged with digital trust, data-driven access policy, and linked data standards.

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Build Reusable Data Products

Interact with JSON

Share Self-Describing Data

Compose Decentralized Data

Build Verifiable Data Products

Stop Custom-Coding APIs

With Fluree, you don’t need an API to translate RESTful routes into SQL queries that then get re-serialized back into JSON. Applications can directly interact with a Fluree Ledger because your applications can write JSON queries and your ledgers return JSON results.

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Forget Proprietary Schemas

With shared vocabularies built-in, data can be queried with schema-on-read. Integrate your data into multiple applications without manually mapping schemas. Collaborate with other data stakeholders under shared vocabularies.

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Query Across Sources

With data access control and shared vocabularies built in, Fluree allows you to treat physically-dislocated, separate databases as if they logically belong to the same database. Build a data network of trusted, accessible information across domains.

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Digital Proof Built In

Instead of blindly trusting the source and authenticity of data, share and source information with confidence. Fluree is immutable and cryptographically-secure, enabling provable authenticity and lineage.

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Build Intelligent Data Applications

Organizations are moving towards data sharing ecosystems, where multiple apps and individuals create, update, and read from shared data assets. But today’s databases weren’t built to promote data interoperability, let alone trusted and secure collaboration.

Fluree has reinvisioned the database with 5 elements needed to introduce a data-centric world.


Fluree leverages blockchain technology to embed digital trust and verifiability into the origin of every piece of data and its changes over time.


Fluree lets data defend itself with embedded read & write access control written as policy directly at the data tier.


Fluree believes in “write-once-reuse-often.” Developers, data scientists, and third-party ecosystems use Fluree to share original data with zero-copy-integration in a consent-controlled environment securely.


Fluree’s immutable nature preserves the historical state of every piece of data over time for automated data change capture and “time traveling” queries.


Fluree uses universal standards for linked data to build semantic interoperability across disparate systems, allowing for schema at query time and unlocking powerful knowledge graph capabilities.

Decentralized Data Architecture

Fluree’s flexible architecture allows you to store decentralized data anywhere, bring it all together, scale it to the edge, and securely share it with anyone.

Key Features

JSON-LD Native
  • Instantly map your application to a universal schema
  • Provide context and definitions alongside your JSON payload for “schema-on-read”
  • Build decentralized linked data assets
Multi-Modal GraphDB
  • RDF graph database
  • Native inferencing and graph queries
  • Interact with GraphQL, JSON-based FlureeQL, SQL, & SPARQL
Data Provenance
  • Cryptographically-secured updates to immutable ledger
  • Audit the history of data changes over time
  • Build powerful “time travel” queries
Identity + Security
  • Define, execute, and manage data read/write security policies at the data tier
  • Use ABAC, RBAC, or RelBac to define access permissions

Ready, Set, Dev!

Entirely built on standards, Fluree is easy to test, build, and scale projects. And with out-of-the-box libraries, Fluree plays nice with your development environment.

The New Data Landscape

 Data has evolved from a by-product of a single application to a strategic asset that needs to be shared across a vast network of applications and domains. To enable seamless data management, sharing and reuse, Fluree is the only data platform that combines verifiable cryptography for digital trust, linked data standards for interoperability, and embedded identity/access controls for data-centric governance.

Future Proof Your Data with Fluree

Zero-Trust Data Sharing

Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized ID

Knowledge Graphs

Data Governance and Security

Historical Data Audit

With Fluree, data verifiability, governance, and interoperability are baked in, so you can enable data sharing and collaboration across trust boundariess

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Fluree’s database tooling operates on the exact same standards that power Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers. With Fluree, anyone can natively store, manage, and verify SSI data out of the box.

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Fluree is an RDF graph database with native JSON-LD support, enabling powerful Knowledge Graph capabilities for enterprise-wide insights, cross-domain data sharing, linked data collaboration.

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Automate data governance across your ecosystem. By baking policies directly into the data tier with Fluree SmartFunctions, data can “defend itself” for better identity and access management.

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Retreive provable facts about the state of data at any point in time. Fluree’s immutable ledger captures cryptographically-secured, time-stamped data that can be queried historically and verified independently.

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Why Fluree?

Legacy data infrastructure does not account for data sharing and re-use, especially across distributed domains and trust boundaries. Fluree was built for a world where decentralized data freely flows across applications, can be validated and trusted, and can be virtually connected together for smoother operations and extraordinary analytics.


Host on the Cloud

Management console to register datasets, share permissions, launch new ledgers, monitor usage, and manage access keys.

  • Upgrades and Backups, 24×7 monitoring

  • Built-In API access with detailed usage metrics

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Local Instance

Install Anywhere

Free-to-use, open-source download for Fluree instances.

  • Download with JVM, Docker, or Homebrew

  • Easy .zip file contains a convenient startup shell script to get you started


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Fluree offers full support and service agreements for licensed enterprise users.

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