Blog Kevin Doubleday11.30.23

Launching Fluree Version 3: The Next Generation JSON-LD Database

Fluree Version 3 is live in public preview, featuring native JSON-LD support and a cloud platform for management, development, and collaboration.

Today marks an exciting milestone for us at Fluree. We’re thrilled to introduce Fluree Version 3, in conjunction with our hosted database platform in public preview. The journey to this day has been filled with anticipation, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the nearly 1000 testers from our cloud or JSON-LD beta programs that made this release possible.

What Makes Fluree Different?

Fluree was built from the ground up to enable secure and trusted data collaboration across many sources and applications. We’ve compiled the necessary capabilities to make data sharing across applications possible: interoperability, security, and trust.

  • Direct Query Endpoint Access: Users can extract what they need, assured that our granular policy contracts will regulate data access.
  • Guaranteed Immutability and Traceability: Enjoy a graph database where each data alteration is cryptographically signed, ensuring digital trust.
  • Integrated Policy Contracts: Design, adjust, and administer access controls, letting your data “defend itself” throughout functional teams.
  • Shared Vocabularies: Enable universal data vocabularies and unique IRIs for seamless data integration across humans and machines 
  • UI for Collaboration: Create data sets, connect APIs, and add collaborators with permissions and shared vocabularies built directly in.

Embracing JSON-LD

Fluree isn’t just another graph database; it’s built on the JSON-LD standard. If you know JSON, diving into Fluree is a breeze. JSON-LD combines the simplicity of JSON with the power of linked graph data. With Fluree Version 3, you can now transact, query, and interact with your data using JSON-LD.

Our 2023 vision for Fluree encompassed:

  • Embracing open standards.
  • Building a hosted database experience that caters to both the generic developer, the hardcore semantic engineer, and the business analysts
  • Pioneering a platform that truly enhances secure, trusted, and interoperable data collaboration.

While Fluree has gained traction within the semantic knowledge community, our larger aspiration has always been to acquaint developers, engineers, business analysts, and the like with the immense potential of linked data. For those already comfortable with JSON, JSON-LD offers a straightforward yet powerful avenue into the realm of W3C-compliant RDF triples. It elegantly bridges the gap between traditional databases and the semantic web.

Engage with Fluree’s Public Preview

Fluree’s public preview isn’t just a test drive—it’s an invitation to help us bring the power of trusted linked data to the world. As we refine our roadmap, your feedback will be invaluable in aligning our product with real-world developer requirements. Fluree’s new cloud platform features an intuitive UI, empowering users to transact, query, model, and share data more efficiently than ever before.

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