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Fluree Sense is your partner in end-to-end enterprise data transformation. We automate integration and cleaning so you can move your data infrastructure into the modern world.
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Introduction to Fluree Sense

Turn Data Chaos Into Data Clarity

Our AI-powered data pipeline normalizes, cleanses and harmonizes disparate data sources, resulting in an authoritative “golden record” source of truth. No additional software. No manual overhead.


Automation = Savings

Fluree Sense automates data cleansing, saving time & money on initial migration and ongoing integration. While the average Enterprise Data Migration can cost $150 million at a large enterprise, Fluree Sense can successfully operate at a small fraction of that cost by replacing the overhead of developer programming logic with machine learning.

Speed + Scale

Most organizations report only processing 5-15% of their total data after years of investment. Fluree Sense can programmatically scan and fix billions of rows and clean up to 90% of an organization's data within a few months.


What could your data look like?

Build Golden Records

Clean & Available

+ Data Quality

Make your data ready for downstream enterprise consumption, sharing, and analytics. By eliminating data silos, your golden records are free of error and available to those that need them.

Organized & Linked

+ Data Interoperability

Fluree Sense uses AI and semantics to create order and structure out of chaotic data sets, providing you with the ability to explore 360-degree relationships across all data assets. 

Secure & Traceable

+ Data Governance

Fluree Sense preserves and enforces data governance, data security, and data privacy, while also simplifying data provenance and lineage. Transform your data while maintaining data quality.

Move Your Data Infrastructure Forward.

90% of organizations still struggle with Legacy Data Infrastructure. Fluree Sense offers a path forward.


Legacy Data Migrations

Cleanse & harmonize data from multiple sources to enable migration from legacy to modern.


Customer Data Integration

Easily integrate Customer, account, product and transaction data from across multiple data sources.


Data Consent Management

Build comprehensive and sustainable data compliance for emerging customer data privacy regulations.


Cross-Border Data Residency

Leverage Fluree's secure multi-party computation capabilities to enable secure sharing of information across borders.

Case Study

Digital Transformation in Big Pharma

Customer Profile

$2+ billion pharmaceutical company with >10,000 employees in North America selected Fluree Sense to collect, integrate, reconcile and remediate data from across its many sources with the intention to make its customer, product, and order data useful for the business.

Key Result: Simplification

Consolidated 10+ warehouses onto a single cloud

Key Result: Time-To-Value

Cut time to analytics from 9 months to 3 weeks.

Key Result: Overhead

Reduced overhead dependency on engineering by US$3M

Fluree Sense in 4 Steps

Fluree Sense is a software application comprised of four configurable modules designed to make sense out of raw, chaotic data.


Data Acquisition 

  • Loads data from data sources into HDFS
  • Contains adaptors for most common RDBMS, Hadoop and NoSQL data sources
  • Synchronizes data real-time via Change Data Capture 
30+ Out of the Box Connectors


Data Inventory Management

  • Uses machine learning to map data to business data glossary
  • Manages the physical meta data inventory of data loaded
  • Automatically categorizes the data into objects and attributes


Data Quality Management 

  • Spots & fixes data discrepencies
  • De-duplicates and masters data
  • Synthesizes data from multiple sources into one


Secure Data Sharing

  • Saves cleansed, normalized data in Fluree Core open format
  • Preserves privacy when sharing data
  • Enables semantic interoperability across functions and systems

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