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Fluree Disruptors: Pravica’s Web3.0 Communications Platform for the Next Era of Privacy

A unified communication suite that meets WEB 3.0 standards and uses Blockchain technology to empower user privacy and security.

Privacy matters to everyone. 

It matters to businesses, which on average pay 8.19M per data breach.

It matters to regulators, who have enacted digital compliance laws like GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act to protect citizens against poor data privacy practices. 

But most importantly it matters to consumers, who have no choice but to distribute their private information to third parties in order to buy things online, to get mortgages, to participate in social media, and to do just about anything else a normal modern life would entail. These third parties can access – and more importantly – leak this information. How?

The #1 cybersecurity threat in 2020 is the phishing attack – with “close to 30% of phishing emails making it past default security.”

The next version of the internet – Web 3.0 – must include a fundamental privacy layer to digital communication where users control their identity and data. Web 3.0 rejects the centralized “client-server” model that has introduced an innumerable amount of security vulnerabilities to our current digital world and instead provides the architecture for a more secure and democratic internet. 

And Web 3.0 companies like Pravica are building that internet.

The difference between privacy and security.

Security is a well-known industry with well-known players. But privacy is just emerging. What is the difference? 

Security is about protecting data – from leaks, breaches, or manipulation. Privacy is about protecting user identity and is a bit more complicated than your typical firewall. Today, PII (Personally Identifiable Information) must be protected in both contexts.

Pravica’s communications platform combines enterprise-grade security with cutting edge privacy technologies (blockchain data storage; user-owned encryption/decryption keys) for a truly web3.0-compliant service.

Pravica keeps users safe across the entire communications suite.

Pravica is a communications platform for the user-controlled internet – and they’ve built it with Fluree’s blockchain database technology. Pravica’s suite of communications tools (email, instant messaging, and video conferencing) is completely decentralized – no one (not even Pravica) can access a user’s information.

Much like the leading players in the communications market (WhatsApp, Zoom Pro, etc.), all communication is secured using end-to-end encryption. But unlike the web2.0 giants, Pravica leverages blockchain technology for user-owned identities, keys, and storage. Pravica’s decentralization of credentials data allows for no single point of access and also empowers users (and not centralized organizations) with ownership over their own communications data. 

The image shows a comparison of current Web 2.0 platforms that lack security for user information compared to a Web 3.0 platform built using Fluree-powered Pravica, which increases user security exponentially.

For consumers and businesses 

Pravica empowers users with complete control over their own data and inbox – no more unwanted spam, no email phishing attacks, and no worry of “big brother” spying on your messages. 

Pravica’s corporate integration enables a highly-secure enterprise communications system – a relevant offering given that, according to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, 29% of corporate breaches in 2019 involved the use of stolen credentials and 94% of malware was delivered by email.

Fluree is empowering Pravica’s decentralized storage layer 

Pravica uses Fluree’s blockchain-enabled database to secure user information and ensure user privacy. 

Pravica CEO Mohamed Abdou

“Fluree is our blockchain-based database layer that ensures the integrity of user data – it is extremely powerful in guaranteeing the provenance of communication and the truth behind transactions, which is critical to our mission at Pravica.”

Mohamed Abdou | Founder & CEO

Fluree not only secures the integrity of Pravica’s user information – it also builds access control directly into the data layer for complete and scalable information security:

“With Fluree, the business logic is built-in – we wrote logic into the database so that the data is self-protected. Anyone can run their own node in the network and verify this logic for themselves.” 

Mohamed Huzayen | Lead Software Engineer at Pravica. 

For data retrieval, Fluree’s RDF graph engine interacts directly with the Fluree ledger to build queries for its end-user application. Its scalable nature allows for incredibly low latency in data retrieval and prepares Pravica for unfettered scale across its digital products.

About the Company 

Pravica was Founded in 2019 by Mohamed Abdou under the name of “Dmails.” After closing the pre-seed round in April 2020 with a total of $500K secured from a prominent VCs like 500 Startups, they re-branded to “Pravica.”

Learn more and start using Pravica: