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Fluree 2023 Year In Review

2023 was a big year for Fluree—from new partnerships to new product launches, here are 8 Fluree highlights from the last year.

The 2023 chapter has ended and we’ve turned the page into 2024. We turn this page with excitement and optimism for the year ahead. Before this year escapes us, as they all do, we’d like to reflect on our favorite Fluree highlights and noteworthy moments from the last 365 days. 

Fluree Launches Version 3

In 2023: Fluree launched the all new V3, a JSON-LD Database with access policies, digital trust, and shared vocabularies built right in.

Fluree Version 3 presents a groundbreaking fusion of JSON-LD support and linked graph data capabilities. The release introduces a variety of advanced features including direct query endpoint access, immutability assurance, integrated policy controls, shared vocabularies, and a user-friendly collaboration interface. These features collectively bolster Fluree’s commitment to secure, trusted, and seamlessly interconnected data sharing—offering a pathway for developers, engineers, analysts and the like to harness the boundless potential of linked data.

Learn more about Fluree V3 in this webinar, or read about it here. Jumpstart your experience with Fluree V3 here

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Fluree Series A Funding

In 2023: Fluree Closes $10M Series A Round Funding.

One of our most significant 2023 milestones included securing $10 million in a Series A funding round led by Sinewave Ventures. This funding helps fuel our efforts to develop data-centric infrastructure and assist enterprises in modernizing their legacy systems into collaborative data platforms. We’re grateful for the support of our investors and excited about the prospects this funding brings as we drive innovation in decentralized data management.

For more details on this funding round, read here

Fluree x Vitality TechNet

In 2023: Fluree technology joined forces with Vitality TechNet to Improve Pharmaceutical Product, Cost, and Success Rate Profiles

In August, we announced a partnership with Vitality TechNet, an Orlando firm that helps pharmaceutical organizations digitize operations and securely use data effectively through the adoption of IDMP semantic standards. This partnership works to safely accelerate drug discovery processes and enables ongoing collaboration across internal departments, external partners, and regulatory offices through semantics, knowledge graph, and digital trust technologies. This collaboration also allows for more efficient drug development processes and reduces the time and costs associated with late-stage failures. Read the whitepaper co-written by Vitality TechNet and Fluree here

More details on the scope of this partnership are available here

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Fluree x Fabric

In 2023: Fluree partnered with Fabric.

Fabric uses Fluree technology to enable consumers to control and monetize their own personal data without being exploited by companies like Meta and Google. With Fluree’s trusted ledger database, Fabric has built a business that seamlessly helps to improve the relationship between regular people and the brands appealing to them. 

Fabric and Fluree both believe that by empowering data with additional security, integrity, and trust, the value of that data can be unlocked for consumer and enterprise alike. Read more about Fabric’s use of Fluree here.

Fluree Board Expansion

In 2023: Fluree welcomed four industry experts to the company advisory board.

In May we welcomed a team of technologists and strategic business advisors with unparalleled real-world experience that will work to build inroads for Fluree’s product-market fit as we continue to build partnerships and deliver outstanding data management solutions to our customers. 

Julia Bardmesser, Robert Grossman, Sudeep Nadkarni, and Mark Silverman joined our advisory board alongside inaugural board member, Peter Serenita. Their combined industry knowledge and expertise has been invaluable as we continue to enhance the capabilities of Fluree and develop innovative data management solutions. 

Learn more about the background and experience of each individual member here

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Fluree’s Favorite: Blog

So You Think You’re Ready for an Enterprise Knowledge Graph? 

Our favorite blog post from this year takes a deep dive into the world of enterprise knowledge graphs and their transformative potential for data integration and management. Knowledge graph use cases are growing rapidly, as the need to connect and integrate disparate data sources grows everyday for organizations looking to play effective “data offense” and “data defense” simultaneously. With a knowledge graph, you can gain a unified view of your organization’s data and uncover insights and patterns that may have been hidden in disparate data sources. 

If you missed it’s original publication, there’s no time like the present to learn more about enterprise knowledge graphs. Read more here

Fluree’s Favorite: Podcast

Episode #225 from the Data Futurology Podcast: The Future of Data Collaboration

Topping the charts as our favorite podcast from 2023 is this episode of the Data Futurology Podcast featuring Fluree President, Eliud Polanco. Eliud joins host Felipe Flores to discuss the innovative blockchain-driven approach that Fluree brings to data management, emphasizing the promise of heightened security and efficiency for organizations looking to better manage data operations. 

Eliud details Fluree’s decentralized approach to data management that allows automation to query data without compromising privacy, noting potential use cases in GDPR compliance and financial services. This episode of the Data Futurology podcast dives in to all facets of Fluree technology and explores what the future of innovation in data management might look like. The full episode is available here

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Fluree’s Favorite: Webinar

Data-Centric Strategies to Break the Cycle of Legacy Addiction

In October we had an awesome conversation with Dave McComb, President of Semantic Arts, and Brian Platz, Fluree CEO, on “Data-Centric Strategies to Break the Cycle of Legacy Addiction.” The duo discussed practical steps organizations can take to break the cycle of legacy addiction and move to a more data-centric architecture, describing the path to data-centricity through a continuum: Legacy Amplification, Legacy Avoidance, Legacy Erosion, and Legacy Replacement.

This webinar, as a sequel to our first joint webinar with Semantic Arts, explores strategies and tactics that will help organizations to asses their own data centric maturity, build technological and cultural paths to data-centric architectures, and dive in to the MMCE framework (Model, Map, Connect, Expand). View the full conversation here


Here at Fluree we are thankful for the incredible support from our clients and community. We feel fortunate to have had so many opportunities for growth, innovation, and learning. We’re proud of our ability to continue delivering innovative solutions to users old and new within the Fluree ecosystem.

We look forward to carrying the momentum from 2023 into this new year. Thank you for being part of the Fluree journey—here’s to a bright and successful future ahead!

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