Fluree Brand Guide

Learn more about Fluree’s colors and typography, check out our mission statement, download our logos, and more.

Fluree's Mission Statement

Fluree’s data-first approach champions the idea that data should be a cross-enterprise asset serving multiple purposes across various contexts, should have provable truth and historical integrity, should be directly shared with third parties, and should defend itself with co-resident security.

As Web3 technologies continue to bolster the economic value of data, Fluree seeks to bring democracy and connectivity to information so that organizations, enterprises, and startups can participate in the data economy.


Fluree’s immutable ledger secures every update, including metadata, with blockchain cryptography for complete data integrity.


SmartFunctions allow for a singular security model that travels with your data beyond borders and scales with your enterprise forever.


Fluree’s scalable RDF graph natively traverses relationships and returns highly-contextual data for actionable insights.

Brand Identity

At Fluree, we strive to embody these traits and to communicate with our users in a way that is:







Fluree Logos

The Yeti is Fluree’s mascot and is used throughout our site to help explain technical concepts, onboard new users, and to be a generally friendly face.

Primary Logo

This is our primary logo which is used for both print and web. It looks best on a white or very light background to provide visual contrast. This is the preferred Fluree logo.


Our secondary logo may be used when a horizontal logo is preferred, such as for presentations, merchandise, marketing materials, etc. This logo may be used alongside other partner brands.

Brand Mark

Our solo brand mark is to be used sparingly and only when the Fluree logo is already present. For example as a favicon on our website or as a graphical element in marketing materials.

On dark backgrounds our white logos should be used for maximum visibility and contrast. 

The Yeti in Action

Primary Colors

These are the primary brand colors for Fluree. These are used in our logo, across our website, and are the main colors in our graphics and illustrations.

Fluree Blue

Hex: #00A0D1
Pantone: 2995-CP
RGB: 0, 160, 209

Ice Blue

Hex: #CEF1FF
Pantone: 290 C
RGB: 206, 241, 255


Hex: #091133
Pantone: 2765 C
RGB: 9, 17, 51

Secondary and Tertiary Colors

Our secondary and tertiary colors are used as accents in marketing materials, graphics, and illustrations. They may also be used a background colors for slides and social media graphics.


Hex: #4B56A5
Pantone: 7670 C
RGB: 75, 86, 165



Hex: #B775D6
Pantone: 252 C
RGB: 183, 117, 214


Hex: #C6D4FF
Pantone: 2706 C
RGB: 198, 212, 255


Hex: #18CFDB
Pantone: 311 C
RGB: 24, 207, 219


Hex: #FF4C13
Pantone: Orange 021 C
RGB: 255, 76, 19


Hex: #091133
Pantone: 2765 C
RGB: 9, 17, 51

Dark Grey

Hex: #5D6970
Pantone: Cool Grey 10 C
RGB: 93, 105, 112

Light Grey

Hex: #979797
Pantone: 877 C
RGB: 151, 151, 151


The primary typeface is Cooper Hewitt and the secondary typeface is Open Sans. These fonts should be used for all web and print applications. When Cooper Hewitt is unavailable (Ex. when a Google Font is needed) Roboto Condensed may be used instead.


Button text should be Cooper Hewitt, 16px, 700 weight for desktop.

Primary Text Color

Hex: #091133
Pantone: 2765 C
RGB: 9, 17, 51

Secondary Text Color

Hex: #00A0D1
Pantone: 2995 CP
RGB: 0, 160, 209

Tertiary Color

Hex: #5D6970
Pantone: Cool Grey 10 C
RGB: 93, 105, 112

On Dark Backgrounds

RGB: 255, 255, 255

If you have any questions about the Fluree brand, please get in touch by emailing aloftis@flur.ee