Brand Guide

Learn more about Fluree’s visual basics, check out our mission statement, download our logos, and more.

Brand Attributes

We weave these core attributes into our technology and offerings.
We communicate with our customers and partners in ways that are:







Fluree Stacked Signature Logo

Stacked Signature

Fluree 1-line Signature logo

One-Line Signature

Fluree Logo Yeti Symbol

The Yeti Logo (the symbol)

Yeti Button Blue

The Button


The Yeti Logo

Fluree Logos

The Yeti Logo embodies the brave, authoritative yet friendly traits of Fluree technology. Several variations in size, format, configuration and color have been created to accommodate nearly any application. Do not edit, distort, change, recolor, reconfigure, or manipulate the logo in any way. 


There are two signature configurations; the Stacked and One-Line versions. 

The Stacked version generally works best in vertical (portrait) layouts such as phone apps or other vertically-oriented media.

The Yeti Logo

This is our primary symbol used in various official arrangements. The symbol represents the entirety of the Fluree Technology and company. 

Special adaptations have been created to work in all forms of media.

The Button

The Button is another adaptation of the Yeti symbol encased within an impenetrable circle. This mark can be utilized for any application and any size as it scales very well to meet the demands of any application.


Our Fonts for Business Collaboration

Fluree’s primary typeface for business use is Inter, and the supportive typeface is Inconsolata. These are used in collaborative documents, presentations, and other on-screen applications such as Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets. They are free to use and can be downloaded from Google Fonts below.


 We’re currently working on our Brand Kit v1.0.
If you have any questions about the Fluree brand please get in touch by emailing [email protected]