Why Fluree?

Your data is valuable. Fluree treats it that way.

Trust Your Data

Unprecedented data integrity.

Fluree combines transactions into immutable time-stamped ‘blocks’ and locks each block in via advanced cryptography for complete data integrity. No more manipulation; no more guesswork: Mathematically prove the complete provenance of every piece of data — including who originated it, and under what circumstances. Traceability of changes are tied to digital signatures — including even third-party applications that sit between clients and data. 

Secure Your Data

A singular cybersecurity solution.

Stop coordinating infosecurity via third-party apps and webs of APIs. Using SmartFunctions, Fluree developers can codify and embed read/write rules as data written immutably to the ledger. Share your database directly with outside organizations without a single worry of leakage — SmartFunctions will dynamically filter out data on read and disallow data updates on write.

Share Your Data

Goodbye, data silos; hello, interoperability!

Fluree is the perfect toolkit for applications that interoperate across business functions, third-party entities, and governance contexts.  With blockchain cryptography, optional decentralization, and configurable rules written directly to the ledger, Fluree checks-off every box for smart, secure collaboration. Fluree embraces W3C RDF data standards for simplified multi-source query: dynamically join data across multiple data sources via SPARQL. 

Leverage Your Data

Relationships as first-class citizens.

Fluree organizes and accesses data in a natural and sophisticated name-graph database. Leverage rich semantics via W3C standard RDF & SPARQL, produce native relationship-centric analysis and build powerful queries for better apps. We make data science, AI, and analytics easy.

Trace Your Data

Every state completely available, provable, and queryable.

Access and understand every moment in time – by leveraging Time Travel, developers can optionally query the ledger as-of any block or point in time. Give your applications an instant ‘rewind’ button, troubleshoot integrations, and bring native temporal analysis to your dataset. 

Deliver Your Data

Linearly scale across the globe.

Fluree separates the ledger (transactor) from the database (reads), allowing your query edge servers to scale up infinitely. Run Fluree as a .jar file, deployable on any on-premise server, or sign up for a free hosted DBaaS version. Invite a network to participate in consensus via nodes, or host your ledger server completely centralized.

The Data Platform for All

Fewer headaches and better outcomes across the entire data value chain.


No obscure programming language to learn. Build an application on Fluree in less than five minutes.

Data Governance

Own your master data management, kill silos for good, and bring harmony to your company's data strategy.

Cyber Security

No more thousands of APIs or leakage to worry about. No more risky integration processes that will leave your records exposed.


Output a native audit trail of every data change, ever. Hand mathematical proof of integrity directly to auditors, customers, and third parties.

Data Science

Leverage the power of semantics, build a knowledge graph, and expose rich native insights to your most sophisticated AI/ML/DL efforts.


In charge of staying ahead of the industry curve? Fluree is the data platform flexible enough for your wildest dreams and familiar enough to achieve them quickly.

Manage Data Like Never Before

Fluree combines cutting-edge capabilities for new opportunities in data management.

Custom Blockchain

Build a data-friendly blockchain that makes sense for your use case and industry. Jointly operate a decentralized database with governance-as-code. SmartFunctions enforce custom rules for ledger updates and pluggable consensus allows for scalable decentralization. 

Better AI & Machine Learning

Defeat ML poisoning with trusted data. Fluree provides AI technologies with higher-quality data (full historical context, immutable & tamper-proof) and a better way to access it (graph query for sophisticated analysis, multi-source query to broaden access and depth of knowledge). 

Coordinated Microservices

Fluree provides a central source of shared truth for coordinating stability across disparate microservices. With the ability to freeze time to accommodate concurrent queries and the permission-at-the-source security model to bypass extra “discovery” layers, Fluree is the data source every microservice architecture needs.

Chain of Custody

Prove the provenance and path of assets as they move through time or ownership. From document management to supply chain, Fluree’s native data traceability saves overhead in guesswork and auditing. 

Trusted Data Sharing

Build the infrastructure for data-first interoperability across applications, department units, and even industry borders. By combining data-driven security logic, tamper-proof blockchain data, and semantic query capability, Fluree powers better collaboration.

Industry Use Cases

See how a variety of industries can benefit from using Fluree including supply chain, MRO, insurance, and more.

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