Introduction to Data-Centricity

The Data-Centric Architecture treats data as a valuable and versatile asset instead of an expensive afterthought. Data-centricity significantly simplifies security, integration, portability, and analysis while delivering faster insights across the entire data value chain. This post will introduce the concept of Data-Centricity and lay the framework for future installments on Data-Centricity.

Zero Knowledge Proofs

Using Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Fluree

This zero-knowledge proof project allows you to create zero-knowledge proofs asserting that a given fishing location is within a legal range. By uploading the circuit, proving key, and verification key to Fluree, all the members of a network can see the keys and ensure the keys haven’t been changed or tampered with over time.

Blockchain and Microservices

Application developers today are shifting their attention to microservice architecture — the development, integration, and deployment of small, function-specific services to achieve application goals — and for good reason. As business and technological growth inevitably yields diverse, complex, and time-sensitive software needs, agility and distribution of work are among the top desired characteristics for software solutions. Instead of building …

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