Bring Trust, Transparency, and Traceability to Supply Chains

Supply Chain Management is a team sport. Fluree empowers digital collaboration with a core focus on data security, integrity, and interoperability. Innovators use Fluree to build next-generation supply chain solutions – for trusted data exchange, end-to-end data traceability, and transparent industry collaboration.

With Fluree You Can

Trace & Trust

Completely track the provenance and life-cycle of assets with finality and proof. Secure every piece of data – including its metadata and history of updates – with blockchain-grade cryptography for an unprecedented level of visibility into the historical path of items. 

Blockchain is a valuable tool for capturing chronological events in an immutable ledger. Fluree delivers this value with no obscure programming or third party integrations. 

Uncover Powerful Insights

Build actionable, relationship-rich queries for next-generation supply chain applications. Fluree’s scalable graph provides real-time visibility and analytics for key logistics operations. 

Fluree supports flexible and familiar languages (RDF-based SPARQL, GraphQL, and JSON-based FlureeQL.)

Build Industry Interoperability

Enable shared digital infrastructures for unified industry collaboration. With optional decentralization for greater industry trust (powered by RAFT; pBFT) and semantic graph queries for connecting disparate data sets, Fluree is positioned to scale alongside your supply chain network.

 With Fluree, you can focus on building digital ecosystems that emphasize direct data interoperability and trusted data exchange.

The Power of Unified Traceability

Fluree is built to power bold digital transformation in industries where data trust, collaboration, and traceability are key drivers. Unified traceability means higher efficiencies and lower overhead across the entire supply chain and logistics value chain.

Digital Collaboration

Synchronize insights across systems for operational efficiency and streamlined inventory management. This is real-time resolution powered by data.

Document Management

Digitize the paper trail of logistics transactions and bring document management to a trusted modern architecture. Kill logistics silos for good.

Native Auditing

Output comprehensive and trusted audit trails for all data, supply chain assets, and products. Align your evidence for compliance and brand trust.

End-to-End Traceability

Recall items faster. Fight counterfeits. Prove ethical sourcing. By consolidating logistics records into a single source of truth, traceability can truly shine.

More features

Time Travel

Query your dataset as of any moment in time

History Query

Track an asset through historical changes.


Data-Centric rules written directly to the ledger.


Optionally decentralize database via RAFT/pBFT

Semantic Standards

Query across data sources for rich interoperability.


Blockchain-grade cryptography


Sophisticated graph queries for native analytics

Javascript Library

Embeddable version of Fluree as Javascript

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