FlureeDB – A Different Kind of Blockchain Solution

FlureeDB – A Different Kind of Blockchain Solution

2018, Oct 02     Clabby Analytics

FlureeDB is an enterprise blockchain-based database solution that combines blockchain’s security, immutability, decentralization and distributed ledger capabilities with a feature-rich graph-style database.

After an 8-month beta program that included over 700 participants, FlureeDB was officially released in late August. Unlike other enterprise blockchain solutions that are designed for asset transaction-oriented applications such as payment processing, FlureeDB is a database at its core, and, as such, is geared to record-keeping applications such as healthcare, real estate, insurance, supply chain, ownership and voting.

Offering a permissioned blockchain that can span company boundaries, FlureeDB is also an ideal solution for consortium blockchains and secure cross-organization collaboration.

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