Future-Proof Your Data with JSON-LD

Fluree is an open-source graph database with native JSON-LD support. Fluree combines the ease of JSON documents with the power of linked data.

Wield the Power of Linked Data


Add any data vocabulary or instantly map from schema.org or other natively supported ontologies. Or, build your own.


Give your data an address. Fluree allows you to assign a unique URL/URI to data to mitigate redundancy and allow linked data across repositories.

Instant Knowledge

Transform your JSON data into a rich RDF knowledge graph of linked data with no effort. Build connected, distributed sets of semantic knowledge.

Future-Proof Data

Give your data the gift of semantic interoperability. Data in Fluree is self-describing and can be understood by disparate systems through universal vocabularies.

Verifiable Credentials

Build on open standards for digital credentials – Fluree is perfect for Verifiable Claims, DID registries, and other W3C standards for verifiable credentials.

Made Possible by Fluree's Core Data Platform

Fluree is so much more than a simple JSON-LD data store. With a unique combination of cryptographic trust, data-centric security and semantic interoperability, Fluree is the data platform for the Web3.0. 

Semantic Web Standards

Leverage global schemas, enabling linked data to be connected through unique identities (IRIs) and industry ontologies

Unlimited Cloud Scale

Architectural separation of update system from query server allows users to scale up load without affecting transactional performance

Data-Centric Security

Define, execute, and manage data read/write security and governance policies at the data tier with Fluree SmartFunctions.

Trusted Data Provenance

Updates to data sets are cryptographically secured in an immutable ledger and tied to provable identities

Multi-Modal Access

Allow consumers to access and use data in the query languages they know (GraphQL, JSONbased FlureeQL, SQL, & SPARQL)

Version Control

Fluree's immutable history allows branching and merging of data sets for better data collaboration

By developers, for developers.

Fluree empowers data-first development across the entire stack. Entirely built on standards, Fluree is easy to test, build, and scale projects.

Get Started Today

Get up and running in seconds. Fluree runs on the JVM (Java 11 or later). The .zip file contains a convenient startup shell script to get you started quickly.

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