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JSON-LD Database

Combine the ease of JSON documents with the power of linked data.

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Future Proof Your Data

Fluree combines the ease of JSON documents with the power of linked data,
making your data natively interoperable, linked, and identifiable in a universally standardized format.
  • Add any data vocabulary or instantly map from or other natively supported ontologies.
  • Fluree allows you to assign a unique URL/URI to data to mitigate redundancy and allow linked data across repositories.
  • Indicate a universal category or class to your data to inform semantic structure and meaning across applications.

Building Linked Data Products with JSON-LD

A significant amount of time in data engineering is dedicated to building connections and semantic meaning around pieces of information. Linked data technologies provide a means of tightly coupling metadata with raw information. In this episode Brian Platz of Fluree explains how JSON-LD can be used as a shared representation of linked data for semantic data products.

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