Fluree, Now in JavaScript

Redefine application efficiency with Fluree’s embeddable JavaScript library. Simple but powerful, Fluree’s JavaScript server gets data to the consumer securely and efficiently.

Get started quickly by running Fluree within a ReactJS app:

npx create-react-app my-app --template @fluree/fluree > 
cd my-app

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What is Fluree's JavaScript Library?

We have packaged up a version of Fluree’s query server into a JavaScript file, embeddable and deployable alongside your code as a resident query peer within your application. You can essentially run Fluree as an in-memory data layer that sits directly alongside your code and serves up lightning-quick response times.

  • Build apps that are less buggy with reliable data
  • Leverage real-time data subscriptions with no-fetch code
  • Automatically secure front-end apps (data-centric security)
  • Increase server availability with more resilient CDN
  • Decrease time-to-deploy and save on developer overhead

Build Powerful Full Stack Applications


Bypass security layers and efficiently deliver trusted data directly to your clients. Fluree’s SmartFunctions protect data permissions as embeddable, co-resident security logic, allowing data to ‘defend itself.’


Queries won’t need to leave your app, but can interface point-blank with an in-memory database state. With Fluree-React, you can wrap direct UI components with queries, effectively powering a real-time data-driven front end with no additional overhead.


Fluree's edge servers linearly scale to any level of demand. Because query peers are detached from ledger servers, Fluree can act as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver data with incredible speed.

See How Fluree Fits in Your Application

Modern Tools for Modern Developers

Fluree React

Directly wrap components with queries for functional UI development, powered by React.

Asset 2


Ask for what you need with declarative data fetching via GraphQL.


Build a fully functioning query peer with the Node.JS library and tool.

Fluree Web Worker

Create a local query peer as a service worker within the browser, making trusted data readily available.

Time Travel

Every version of your data available. "Rewind” time to dynamically render screens “as-of” any point in time.

CLI Tool

Terminal-based tool that allows users to verify Fluree ledger files, read consensus state, and more.

Do More With Fluree

All of Fluree’s power, directly at your application’s fingertips.

Immutable Data

Every version of your data recorded, stored, and available — allowing your apps to “lock” in any moment of time for any query and dynamically trace back data through time.Fluree’s blockchain-grade immutability means your applications have access to traceable and trusted data.

Rich, Semantic Graph Query

Stop the endless joins. Ask what SQL or NoSQL simply cannot ask. GraphQL, SPARQL, and JSON-based FlureeQL allow for rich declarative insights across all data sources. Dynamically combine multiple RDF data sources in a single query, and uncover hidden semantic insights.

Data-Centric Permission Access

Embed permission logic directly at the data layer as executable co-resident metadata for a singular and scalable security model. No more API discover layer bloat to manage: automatic and highly custom read filtering allows your apps to focus on a great front-end experience. 

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Fluree Anywhere

Fluree runs on the JVM (Java 8 or later). The .zip file contains a convenient startup shell script to get you started quickly. 

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