Industries & Use Cases

Innovators use Fluree to tackle their most pressing issues in data management.

MRO Industry


Track the origin and journey of parts for better visibility, compliance, and interoperability across the aerospace MRO value chain.

Credentials & Identity

Combine robust permission-as-code, private/public key cryptography, and custom distributed ledger technology for secure digital identity management.

Supply Chain

Build a digitally connected and collaborative supply chain ecosystem. Harness the value of trusted, traceable, and transparent data with Fluree.


Build next-generation insurance products and workflows. Leverage data integrity for better risk visibility, better industry collaboration, and better fraud prevention.

For Developers

Try one of our sample schemas to get started building your first project with Fluree.

Aircraft MRO Tracking

Check out our Github repo to learn how you can use Fluree to manage complex flight and repair data.

University Credentials

The example is built around the idea of identity & credentials management and validating university transcript records in a way that is secure, confidential, and tamper-proof.

Coffee Supply Chain

In this example, we’ll walk through setting up a custom blockchain for Cafe on the Block, a fictional coffee company that guarantees sustainably-sourced coffee to its customers.

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