Blockchain, meet Database.

A scalable blockchain database that combines enterprise capability with blockchain proof and security.
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Blockchain meets Database

Time based blocks

FlureeDB builds transactions into chained blocks: each block represents a moment in time. Our powerful query engine allows every query to yield a snapshot of data as it relates to any block (or point in time). We call this time travel.

No need to choose

GraphDB & DocumentDB

FlureeDB separates the query engine from the blockchain transactor, and enables support for multiple database types at the same time. This allows for horizontally scaling query with very low latency.

Fluree UI Dashboard

Visualize your data

Interact with your database, view blocks,
and explore your schema, query and stats.

JavaScript Library

Our JavaScript library allows a mini Fluree DB to run in your apps, enabling data subscriptions automatically. No need for multiple API endpoints: save bandwidth by serving real-time queries with locally cached data.

GraphQL Support

Our native GraphQL interface allows developers to leverage the benefits of GraphQLs single-endpoint query language and effortlessly aggregate data from multiple sources.

React Client

Build a flexible and responsive UI and fetch GraphQL data with our React client -- including automated subscription management and re-renders.

Consensus rules dictate transaction characteristics

Composite Blockchain Consensus

FlureeDB supports a variety of blockchain consensus according to desired transaction characteristics. Low-consensus needs (internal transactions) transact very rapidly, while high-consensus needs leverage the benefits of decentralized, public record and verification. FlureeDB’s query allows joins across multiple DBs, so multiple consensus DBs can be queried as a single DB system.

Level 1
- Private -
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Now in Beta, Fluree's internal, permissioned database allows for complete privacy -- with single-digit millisecond queries and immutable blocks of transaction data, this level of consensus allows for complete control.

Level 2
- Federated Cluster -
In Development

Soon, organizations can elect to pre-define a network to verify transactions in a shared database ledger. This allows of trust and transparency between a cluster of entities without risking public exposure.

Level 3
- Full Decentralization -
In Development

Soon, applications can perform transparent but safe transactions by taking complete advantage of the public blockchain. The public database ledger allows for decentralized, immutable, and transparent records.


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$25 USD

per month


$1000 USD

per month

Token allocation


per month


per month


per month


Community supported


Dedicated support
and guidance

Blockchain Transactions

Allocated tokens are utilized at the following rates:

1 Token per transaction

1 Token per 1kb state change (consisting of Flakes)

1 Token per database function executed

2 Tokens per MB/hour storage

*Additional Tokens: $5 per 200,000

50MB blockchain storage (100MB with query), 25,000 transactions or database function calls

250MB blockchain storage (750MB with query), 125,000 transactions or database function calls*

2.5GB storage (7.5GB with query), 1,250,000 transactions or database function calls*


Additional capacity for Project and Enterprise available for $5 per:

250,000 requests

250,000 function calls

250 simulataneous connections

250MB storage


requests per 1KB


function calls


simultaneous connections

50 MB

additional index storage


requests per 1KB


function calls


simultaneous connections

500 MB

additional index storage


requests per 1KB


function calls


simultaneous connections

5 GB

additional index storage

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