Getting Started

Whether you're interested in using Fluree for business or personal projects, you're just a few steps away from getting started.

Step #1:

Choose the deployment that works best for your project’s needs. 

Fluree Anywhere

Fluree runs on the JVM (Java 11 or later). The .zip file contains a convenient startup shell script to get you started quickly. 

By downloading Fluree, you agree to our license agreement.

Fluree Hosted Platform

Fluree Nexus, our PaaS, is in private beta. 

Step #2

Learn how to get Fluree up and running in no time with our installation guides.

Installation Guides

Jumpstart Fluree with our docs on install and configuration.

Step #3

Learn from examples and join the Fluree community!

Fluree University

Dive in deeper with guided lessons, webinars, and more.

Discord Community

Meet Fluree developers, participate in events, and ask questions on discord.

Looking for an Enterprise Solution?

Our enterprise users receive exclusive support and even more features. Let our sales team reach out and share how you can use Fluree to get ready for production.

Want to learn more about using Fluree?

Check out the Fluree blog to learn more about our features, latest releases, use cases, and more!

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