Introducing: Fluree Version 3

Collaborate on Linked Data

JSON-LD Database with access policies, digital trust, and shared vocabularies built right in.

Build Reusable Data Products

Interact with JSON

Share Self-Describing Data

Compose Decentralized Data

Build Verifiable Data Products

Stop Custom-Coding APIs

With Fluree, you don’t need an API to translate RESTful routes into SQL queries that then get re-serialized back into JSON. Applications can directly interact with a Fluree Ledger because your applications can write JSON queries and your ledgers return JSON results.

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Forget Proprietary Schemas

With shared vocabularies built-in, data can be queried with schema-on-read. Integrate your data into multiple applications without manually mapping schemas. Collaborate with other data stakeholders under shared vocabularies.

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Query Across Sources

With data access control and shared vocabularies built in, Fluree allows you to treat physically-dislocated, separate databases as if they logically belong to the same database. Build a data network of trusted, accessible information across domains.

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Digital Proof Built In

Instead of blindly trusting the source and authenticity of data, share and source information with confidence. Fluree is immutable and cryptographically-secure, enabling provable authenticity and lineage.

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Features for Data Collaboration

Automated Insights

Knowledge Graph Inferencing

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Time Travel

Rewind Data to any Point in Time

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Semantics for Linked Data

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Graph Queries

SPARQL and FlureeQL

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Universal Schemas & Uniquer IRIs

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Audit Trail

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Data Access Control

Data-Centric Policy Enforcement

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Virtualize Data Across Sources

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Start with Non-Siloed Data

Make the Jump to Linked Data

Fluree is the fastest path to graph.

Fluree isn’t just another graph database; it’s built on the JSON-LD standard. If you know JSON, diving into Fluree is a breeze. JSON-LD combines the simplicity of JSON with the power of linked graph data.

  • Make your data more useful for collaboration

  • Capture and leverage relationships in applications

  • Create unique IRIs for your data to build global, connected graphs

Graph Data

Model in a Graph

From Tables to Graphs:
How to Model Entities in a Graph Database.

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Building with JSON-LD

Listen & Learn

Data Engineering Podcast
Building Linked Data Products with

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Webinar: Getting Started with Fluree

December 7th, 2023 | 11am ET

A live walkthrough of Fluree’s features and functionalities, plus tips on getting started.

Bloor Group

“FlureeCore is able to place data intelligence and logic directly into the data layer rather than the application layer, tightly coupling it with your data and enabling the creation of “programmable” data.”

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The New Stack

“Using a distributed ledger on top of a semantic graph database and the World Wide Web Consortium’s Semantic Web standards, Fluree tracks the provenance of data, enabling time travel to any point in its history, establishing trust and verifiability as a foundation to allow people to collaborate.”

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“Fluree is taking a novel approach, as under the hood resides a blockchain-backed semantic graph database. The Fluree crew has also taken cues from GitHub development methods as it builds out a platform intended to secure data sets in a distributed manner.”

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Guides and Resources


Guide to JSON-Linked-Data

JSON-LD is a W3C standard for serializing semantic web RDF graph data as JSON. This guide will break down the JSON-LD syntax and get you up and running with your first linked data application.

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Guide to Semantic Vocabularies

Explore how semantic vocabularies foster collaboration within and across organizations through consistent, universal data models and definitions. Learn about the benefits of self-describing data.

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Guide to Fluree’s Architecture

Understand the difference between a traditional database and a Fluree ledger and how this difference enables streamlined application design for applications that pull from many data sources.

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