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Fluree’s platform enables trusted, linked, and composable data. Install anywhere. Scale everywhere. Connect across applications, organizations, humans, and machines.

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Composable, Trusted Data

With Fluree, data silos don’t have a chance to exist. Fluree embeds trust, interoperability, and governance, enabling a seamless connective tissue of data across applications, business domains, and trust boundaries.

Fluree Core

Intelligent Database

Fluree Core is a knowledge graph database with security, digital trust, and linked data standards built in. Flexible architecture with minimal runtime allows you to deploy anywhere, connect across instances, scale to the edge, and securely power any number of applications.

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Fluree Sense

AI/ML Data Pipeline

Fluree Sense breaks through data silos and transforms “dirty” legacy data into golden records. Fluree Sense offers out-of-the-box connectors and trained AI/ML to ingest legacy data, clean it up, resolve entities, and master data quality.

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Zero-Trust Data Sharing

Data Collaboration

Do you want to enable data sharing across boundaries but issues of trust, ownership, and privacy are getting in the way?

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Golden Records

Data Cleansing

Do you want to leverage your enterprise data for new initiatives but your data lakes have turned into data swamps?

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Knowledge Graph Acceleration

Semantic Linked Data

Do you want to build a sustainable knowledge graph but you’re buried in legacy data, new models, and evolving requirements?

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Data-Centric Security & Governance

Data Governance

Do you want to distribute accessible, high quality data products to data consumers, but struggle with interoperability and security?

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Pathway to Data 3.0

Fluree’s set of tools are designed to help move businesses from legacy data silos to dynamic data networks that enable secure collaboration for everyone.


Ready, Set, Dev!

Proudly open source and built on open W3C standards, Fluree is easy to test, build, and scale projects.

Fluree Success Stories

Fluree’s technology enabled the Department of Defense to shift from from a need-to-know to a need-to-share data architecture. With Fluree, sensitive data can be accessed quickly across internal domains and external partners with built-in security, interoperability, and trust.

The Result: Instead of 6+ month waits for data access and arduous sign-offs, the confidence to enforce data access policy in real-time with a secure, zero-trust, system delivers increased agility in decision-making.

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Public blockchains are not optimized to store large amounts of data, but dApp developers need a layer 2 data management solution that retains data integrity and can power functional web-scale applications.

The Result: As a Layer 2 decentralized “data mesh,” Logosphere, powered by Fluree, enables dApp ecosystems to be able to query distributed blockchain data more effectively for analytical purposes, build data-centric dApps, and incorporate cross-app data sharing.

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As food safety rises in critical importance, Fluree’s technology powers a farm-to-fork traceability platform that ensures visibility through an entire beef supply chain.

The Result: Consumers can trace the origins and movements of every single package of beef via a non-fungible tag with a QR code, enabling safety and transparency.

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Using Fluree Sense, Apotex  was able to consolidate business data from 10+ disparate data warehouses onto their Data Lake, where they now manage the data inventory, organize and clean the data.

The Result: By moving data from raw to business-consumption in weeks, new data use cases were up in 3 weeks as opposed to 9 months.

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In partnership with the Trusted Learner Network and Arizona State University, Fluree powers a linked data platform for verifiable student transcripts to be issued, managed, and shared across the education network.

The Result: The Trusted Learner Network empowers self-soverign ownership over students’ digital transcripts and cuts the manual burden associated with credit transfers and employer transcript verification.

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