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One Donation Brings Digital Trust to Charitable Giving

This Fluree-powered Digital Philanthropy Platform is a win-win for HR and Employees

Giving, made easy

Today’s Community Stories article highlights a fellow North Carolina-based technology startup – One Donation – and its mission to bring trusted and agile digital philanthropy to HR. 

One Donation’s cloud-based charitable giving platform allows employees to find and donate to their favorite charities directly through payroll deduction.

One Donation is a win-win: it provides employees with autonomy over which institutions receive their philanthropy with a choice of over 1.8 Million charities and HR with a platform that seamlessly integrates directly into existing payroll systems. Because all charitable donations through One Donation can be connected with an employer’s payroll provider, charitable giving is as easy as making a 401(k) contribution or healthcare deduction.

Disrupting the Industry with Disruptive Technology

The One Donation team needed to select a reliable technology stack that could scale to enterprise demand, interoperate with established players in the existing HR technology stack, and instill digital trust for its prospective users. For those reasons, One Donation built its software on Fluree’s technology.

Let’s explore some of the key enabling features Fluree provides to give One Donation a competitive edge:

Secure and Verifiable Donations

Donors want to ensure that their contribution is reaching the desired destination. Simply by choosing Fluree, One Donation can provide its users with a verifiable audit trail of every donation executed on its platform. How?

Fluree integrates digital trust into data using a cryptographically secured immutable ledger. Using blockchain technology, every Fluree transaction is signed at the source and cryptographically tied to previous transactions. This approach allows One Donation to verifiably prove the time, source, and history for each and every datum in the system. That’s automated trust, out of the box. 

Learn more about Fluree’s distributed ledger technology:   

Data Agility 

Fluree is built on standards with an emphasis on enabling data agility. For example, One Donation uses Fluree’s GraphQL interface to expose all kinds of data to various consumers without having to build and manage multiple APIs for each client instance. This results in faster time-to-value:

Rather than having donations go out quarterly or every six months, Fluree allows us to shorten that time to weeks at most. The ability to provide instant, agile transactions is a game-changer for workers, employers, and the charities they support.”

Ross Treakle, co-founder One Donation

Learn more about Fluree’s GraphQL interface:

Enterprise Scale

Organizations – big or small – building with Fluree can rest assured that we will scale right alongside them. 

One Donation uses Fluree’s scalable and cloud-agnostic infrastructure to manage their client instances in a multi-tenancy environment. This simplicity results in lower costs for One Donation’s client base and fewer cloud dependencies for One Donation’s infrastructure management team — all without sacrificing performance. 

Learn more about Fluree’s cloud-scale capabilities:


One Donation is looking to change the world – one donation at a time. Using Fluree’s Open Source technology, the One Donation team has built a product that emphasizes trust & transparency for consumers as well as integration-readiness and scale for businesses. 

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