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Fluree 2022 Year In Review

From launching Fluree Sense to expanding our team, it's been a memorable year. Here are 6 highlights from 2022.

It’s hard to believe that 2022 has come to a close, but 2023 is already here and in full swing! At Fluree, we’re excited and ready to embrace everything that the upcoming year has to offer. Fluree has big plans for 2023 — upcoming product announcements and exciting new partnerships that we cannot wait to share with our community.

We can’t quite move forward, however, without taking a moment to acknowledge and celebrate Fluree’s proudest moments of 2022! 

10 Blockchain Startups to Watch

In 2022: Venture Beat News highlighted Fluree as a tech startup on the rise in their article, “10 Blockchain Startups to Watch”.

Author Kolawole Adebayo emphasizes Fluree’s “practical and familiar” approach to the world of blockchain applications as an evolved solution to database management needs. Fluree has created a more accessible path for users or applications to access data with a “product that can run on any machine”, all while creating standards for data integrity, data security, and data traceability. 

We are excited to be making waves in the industry and are excited to continue bringing smarter technology to users that deserve data they can trust. Read the full article here

Fluree Technology Increasing Food Safety

In 2022: Fluree technology was adopted by Sinisana Technologies in Malaysia to provide food supply chain networks with better transparency and increased food safety. 

The ever-complicated, non-linear nature of food packaging, transporting, and overall handling that leaves a lot unseen pushed one of Malaysia’s top halal-compliant beef suppliers to search for a food tracking system they could trust. That’s where Fluree comes in!

With the help of Fluree, Sinisana, a supply chain-tracing startup, created a sustainable solution that monitors food distribution and transportation from farm to fork. This was a monumental effort in the food supply chain industry and was awarded a global win on behalf of the Thought For Food Challenge 2022. Fluree is proud to have helped this effort materialize and we look forward to replicating these initiatives in the future. Check out the complete story here

ZettaLabs Acquisition & Fluree Sense

In 2022: Fluree acquired ZettaLabs to create new technology– Fluree Sense. 

This merger surfaced Fluree Sense, a best-in-class data cleansing and remediation pipeline that enables users to make “Sense” of even the most chaotic data. The technology combines data subject matter experts with machine learning to accelerate data cleansing and remediation –  a huge deal for organizations swamped by metric tons of siloed and duplicated data. 

As noted by Fluree CEO and Co-Founder Brian Platz, “by adding the ZettaLabs team and product suite to our own, Fluree is poised to help organizations on their data infrastructure transformation journeys by uniquely addressing all major aspects of migration and integration: security, governance, and semantic interoperability”. 

For a full scope of Fluree Sense, check out the intro webinar with Fluree President Eliud Polanco, or dive into this blog post! 

Welcoming Peter Serenita to Fluree’s Board of Advisors

In 2022: Fluree announced Peter Serenita as Advisory Board’s Inaugural Member. 

Two things are critical when planning growth: advice and support. At Fluree, we wanted to ensure the existence of both as we prepare for new product releases in 2023. We wanted a collection of industry experts and world-class technologists with real-world experience to provide their input as we navigate the uncharted waters of bringing enterprise data into the world of Web3. 

Welcoming a leader like Peter Serenita to Fluree’s board of advisors will help make this effort possible. From Fluree’s CEO Brian Platz: “Peter brings the highest caliber of industry experience and knowledge to our organization. He has witnessed how data management has transformed over the decades to meet new demands and create new opportunities. We are, again, at the precipice of a new wave of data management and Fluree is at the forefront of this new chapter. We look forward to Peter’s mentorship and insights.” Read more on Serenita’s appointment here.

Reader’s Favorite: Eliminating Dirty Data with Fluree

In 2022: Fluree fans had a favorite blog– and for good reason!

In the age of decluttering and purging things that no longer suit us, it’s no surprise that the reader’s favorite blog for 2022 was, “How to Eliminate Dirty Data– For Good”. Author Kevin Doubleday, Director of Communications for Fluree, gives the full scoop on Dirty Data from its origin, evolution, and place in today’s environment. 

Foundationally, Dirty Data was a byproduct of needing to maximize the value of data and creating copies of the same data. These two factors contributed to the loss of data integrity and quality, and as a result, created a ton of data that is now rendered useless but is still stored by organizations. Data management processes are only recently starting to evolve to eliminate the accumulation of Dirty Data, which means for most businesses and organizations it’s a common hindrance to operations. The good news is that it is possible to get rid of Dirty Data for good. Not sure how? Check out our reader’s favorite blog to get started! 

Forbes Technology Council Post by Fluree CEO Brian Platz

Fluree CEO Brian Platz was the featured author of “The Three Requirements of A Web3 Data Network,” a Forbes Technology Council post. 

Web3 data networks are the next evolution of the internet, offering decentralized and more secure ways of storing and transmitting data. Because of its rapid evolution and development, companies must join Web3 networks or prepare to be left behind. Brian Platz, Fluree CEO, details the three main requirements that a successful Web3 data network must meet in this article as a Forbes Technology Council member. 

First, the network must be created using self-verifying data, meaning users can tap into a network with full confidence that the data is authentic and not tampered with. This ensures that data is secure, and not subject to censorship or manipulation.

Second, the network must have zero integration. This is especially important because it means that machines will be able to fully interpret data and its meaning without humans having to intervene and infer meaning. We can rely on zero integration to take any data language and optimize and reduce redundancies so that as users we are left with clean, meaningful data.  

Finally, the network must have data policy and strong security measures in place to protect against hacks and data breaches. Data policy ensures that the right people can see the information they need, but nothing more than that– only what they need to know. This includes the use of encryption and other technologies to secure data as it is transmitted across the network.

Overall, these three requirements are crucial for the success and adoption of Web3 data networks. By meeting these standards, Web3 networks can provide a more secure and decentralized alternative to traditional internet infrastructure. Be sure to read the full scope of Web3 requirements and recommendations here


As we reflect on the past year, we at Fluree are filled with gratitude for the support and loyalty of our clients and community. This year brought so many opportunities for growth, and we are proud of the way we were able to deliver innovative solutions to our users.

We are excited to continue building on the progress we made this year and to bring even more groundbreaking technology to the market in the coming year. Thank you for being a part of the Fluree journey. Here’s to a bright and successful future.

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