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Fluree powers secure, policy-driven data management & sharing for government organizations
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Secure Data Management & Sharing

The Defense and Intelligence communities face unique challenges in securing, managing and sharing data effectively. Fluree is uniquely positioned to power the transformation necessary to allow federal agencies to treat data as a strategic asset.  

Provide complete provenance and integrity to every piece of data in your system. Fluree combines transactions into immutable time-stamped ‘blocks’ and locks each block in via advanced asymmetric cryptography — making your data completely tamper-proof. Traceability of changes are tied to digital signatures for complete proof and visibility into data lifecycle.

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Link, leverage, and connect information in a rich semantic web of data. Fluree sits atop W3C standard RDF with standardized JSON-LD and SPARQL query support. RDF (Resource Description Format) provides instant and lightweight interoperability across disparate systems. Fluree instantly makes data F.A.I.R. (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) for smarter information management and enterprise knowledge graphing.

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The next generation of identity and access management: Fluree embeds privacy and security permission logic as meta-data alongside RDF data at the source. With Data-Centric security, we can share information with a zero risk of data leakage, opening up a world of data sharing and collaboration opportunities without the compounding API overhead.

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Time as a first-class citizen: Fluree timestamps every update by extending RDF to include temporal metadata. "Time Travel” allows you to issue queries against any moment of time and instantly retrieve the data as of that instance. Ditch the "update and replace" database for complete historical data visibility.

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Fluree Products

Open-Source Database

Fluree is an open-source JSON-LD graph database, built with blockchain and semantic graph technology.

Golden Record Pipeline

Fluree Sense is an analytics platform designed to Ingest, Classify, Resolve, and Consume Big Data.