Fluree is the data platform built for every developer.

Explore Fluree's JavaScript Library

Redefine application efficiency with Fluree’s embeddable JavaScript library. Simple but powerful, Fluree’s JavaScript server gets data to the consumer securely and efficiently.

Get started quickly by running Fluree within a ReactJS app:

 npx create-react-app my-app --template fluree  
cd my-app


Secure every update with blockchain cryptography in a core immutable ledger.

  • Tamper-proof blockchain (SHA3-256) for extreme data integrity
  • Complete data traceability throughout history
  • Provable audit trail into provenance and path of data
  • Digital signatures cryptographically tied to every change


Embed permission logic directly at the data layer as executable co-resident data. 

  • Singular and scalable data security model – no more API bloat to manage
  • Direct and trusted data sharing with third parties – automatic read filtering
  • Data-centric identity and access management with one source of truth
  • Governance-as-code for unprecedented control over master data management

Semantic Graph Database

Query Fluree’s ledger with a powerful RDF-graph database engine that scales infinitely.

  • Sophisticated graph queries with built-in features like infinite recursion
  • W3C standards allow for semantic queries across RDF repositories
  • Easy and familiar query languages: SPARQL, GraphQL, and FlureeQL (JSON)
  • Linearly scalable as a CDN (content delivery network)

Time Travel Query

Every version is available, provable, and instantly queryable.

Optionally query against any point in time (both past and hypothetical future) to reproduce Fluree’s state down to the millisecond. It’s like git, but for all your data. 


Bring trust to shared data in a permissioned network.

Optionally run Fluree across a network of servers that participate in transaction validation. Smartfunctions enforce ongoing distributed governance; RAFT or pBFT algorithms facilitate consensus. 

Real-Time Applications

Embed Fluree alongside your app as a code-resident in-memory database.

Optionally embed a fluree query peer alongside your code and serve up sub-millisecond query responses. As a code-resident data source, Fluree can power no-fetch code with no downtime. 

Front-End Libraries

Fluree-Javascript and Fluree-React for data-driven applications.

Run Fluree as a javascript library directly inside your code for functional front-end development. Pair with Fluree-React to wrap components directly with graph queries for automatic re-renders.

More features

ACID-Guaranteed Transactions

GraphQL, SPARQL, and JSON-based FlureeQL​


Scalable Edge Data Delivery Network​

Cloud/Server Agnostic (Java8 Runtime)​

Partition-Friendly Across Multiple Ledgers​

Public/Private Key Cryptography​

Want to learn even more?

Explore Fluree University, Fluree’s resource hub where you’ll find docs, lessons, examples, videos and more to help you learn how Fluree works. 

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