Beyond the Database


Every update secured and provable via blockchain crpytography

  • Digital signature associated with every change

  • Resists data tampering and proves compliance

  • Traceability into provenance of every piece of data

Time Travel Query

Every version available, provable, and instantly queryable

  • Native rewind dial for applications

  • Time-based analytics

  • Integration troubleshooting

Semantic Graph Database

Powerful RDF-graph database engine

  • Sophisticated graph queries with built-in features like infinite recursion

  • Rich semantics and cross-data source queries via WWC RDF standards

  • SPARQL, GraphQL, and FlureeQL (JSON REST)

Permission Logic

Codify and embed read/write rules as data

  • Turing-complete SmartFunctions give unprecedented control over security

  • Singular, data-centric security model (reduce, or eliminate API bloat)

  • Direct database sharing with outside organizations

Real-Time Applications

Embed Fluree alongside your app as a variable

  • Queries execute and functions perform at in-memory speeds

  • No-fetch code for low-latency and high throughput

  • 24/7 performance with little/no downtime

Optional Decentralization

Bring trust to shared data in a permissioned network

  • Direct, transparent transactions and collaboration with third parties

  • Ongoing governance made easy with SmartFunctions (embedded data)

  • RAFT or PBFT facilitate consensus

Additional Features

  • ACID Compliance

  • Raft or PBFT Pluggable Consensus

  • Partition-Friendly

  • Hosted (DbaaS) or On-Prem

  • RESTful API

  • GraphQL, SPARQL, and FlureeQL

  • Linear Scaling Query

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