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Delivering Fluree's Core Data Platform

Semantic Web Standards

Leverage global schemas, enabling linked data to be connected through unique identities (IRIs) and industry ontologies.

Unlimited Cloud Scale

Architectural separation of update system from query server allows users to scale up load without affecting transactional performance.

Data-Centric Security

Define, execute, and manage data read/write security and governance policies at the data tier with Fluree SmartFunctions.

Trusted Data Provenance

Updates to data sets are cryptographically secured in an immutable ledger and tied to provable identities.

Multi-Modal Access

Allow consumers to access and use data in the query languages they know (GraphQL, JSONbased FlureeQL, SQL, & SPARQL).

JSON-LD Native Support

Fluree combines the ease of JSON documents with the power of linked data.

Power Data Ecosystems

The age of data ecosystems is here – Fluree is the only solution that can bring data sources and consumers together under interoperability, security, and trust.

Open Linked Data

Fluree is an excellent place to publish trusted and valuable open-linked data from an official source. Fluree will not only make your data more accessible for your data consumers but far more valuable as part of an open knowledge graph.

Data Fabric & Data Mesh

Fluree brings together distributed knowledge domains and data consumers - perfect for data mesh and fabric. Fluree provides data lineage, data-centric policy enforcement, multi-modal self-service query, and global semantic standards.

Verifiable Credentials & DID Registeries

Register your verifiable credentials and Decentralized Identifiers on Fluree. Fluree provides the W3C JSON-LD support to store, manage, and retrieve credentials.

Dynamic Knowledge Graphs

Fluree's native support for RDF, ontologies, and JSON-LD make it a perfect platform to manage dynamic knowledge graphs that can power operational and analytical apps.

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