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Fluree is an open-source semantic graph database – combining blockchain technology, semantic graph query capability, and data-centric security policy controls.

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Fluree Technical Introduction


Introduction to Fluree Architecture

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Local or Hosted

Choose the deployment that works best for your project’s needs. 

Install Anywhere

Fluree runs on the JVM (Java 11 or later). The .zip file contains a convenient startup shell script to get you started quickly. For details visit our documentation.

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Hosted Platform

Fluree Nexus, our PaaS, is in private beta. Fluree Nexus offers 24/7 monitoring, backups, auto upgrades, and more. Receive up-to-date details when you sign up.

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Data-Centric Features

Fluree DB extends the role of your typical database to include trust, semantic context, and security.

Provide complete provenance and integrity to every piece of data in your system. Fluree combines transactions into immutable time-stamped ‘blocks’ and locks each block in via advanced asymmetric cryptography — making your data completely tamper-proof. Traceability of changes are tied to digital signatures for complete proof and visibility into data lifecycle.

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Link, leverage, and connect information in a rich semantic web of data. Fluree sits atop W3C standard RDF with standardized JSON-LD and SPARQL query support. RDF (Resource Description Format) provides instant and lightweight interoperability across disparate systems. Fluree instantly makes data F.A.I.R. (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) for smarter information management and enterprise knowledge graphing.

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The next generation of identity and access management: Fluree embeds privacy and security permission logic as meta-data alongside RDF data at the source. With Data-Centric security, we can share information with a zero risk of data leakage, opening up a world of data sharing and collaboration opportunities without the compounding API overhead.

Watch: Data-Centric Security Webinar

Time as a first-class citizen: Fluree timestamps every update by extending RDF to include temporal metadata. "Time Travel” allows you to issue queries against any moment of time and instantly retrieve the data as of that instance. Ditch the "update and replace" database for complete historical data visibility.

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Fluree Database

Semantic Web Standards

Leverage global schemas, enabling linked data to be connected through unique identities (IRIs) and ontologies.

Unlimited Cloud Scale

Architectural separation of update system from query server allows scale without affecting transactional performance.

Data-Centric Security

Define, execute, and manage data read/write governance policies at the data tier with Fluree SmartFunctions.

Trusted Data Provenance

Data updates are cryptographically secured in an immutable ledger and tied to provable identities.

Multi-Modal Access

Allow consumers to access and use data in the query languages they know (GraphQL, FlureeQL, SQL, & SPARQL).

JSON-LD Native Support

Fluree combines the ease of JSON documents with the power of linked data.


Modular Architecture

Fluree’s technology runs on a simple and lightweight java runtime for deployment across on-premises and cloud. Fluree’s modular stack can fit any architecture: because we de-couple the ledger server (state) from the graph database (query), you’ll never run out of scale.

  • Front-End Delivery (Embed & Scale)

    Embed an in-memory query server directly alongside your application code for real-time query speeds - with data security and permissions built directly in. Build powerful real-time applications with Fluree's Javascript database and frontend tools that deliver data directly at the edge. React and NodeJS libraries included. View on Github »

  • Graph Database (Query)

    Fluree is a stateless (linearly-scalable) semantic graph database. Native support for GraphQL, SPARQL, and JSON-based FlureeQL allow for rich and efficient "declarative" queries. RDF data format allows your apps to execute queries across disparate interoperable sources. View on Github »

  • Immutable Ledger (State)

    Fluree accepts and persists transactions in an immutable (append-only) ledger. The ledger records atomic RDF updates in chronological order using asymmetric (Sha 3-256) cryptography for guaranteed integrity and provenance. Optional decentralization via RAFT or PBFT consensus. View on Github »

Fluree Nexus provides an attractive alternative to self-hosting Fluree in your own cloud or datacenter environment, including 24×7 monitoring, upgrades, backups, and auto-scaling with built-in API access.

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By developers, for developers.

Fluree empowers data-first development across the entire stack. Entirely built on standards, Fluree is easy to test, build, and scale projects.

Libraries For All

Fluree has robust APIs and libraries for Javascript, Node.JS, and more.

Demos and

Demos, schema templates, and lessons available for free.

Power Data Ecosystems

Fluree is a powerful database for modern data ecosystems.


Enterprise Graph Databases

Fluree provides so much more than your typical enterprise datastore: semantic graph capability, ledger-based data provenance, and data-centric security.


Web Applications

Native javascript, react, and node.js library support and GraphQL, FlureeQL (JSON), and SPARQL query options make Fluree perfect for building web apps.


Verifiable Credentials/DIDs

Build on open standards for digital credentials – Fluree is perfect for Verifiable Claims, DID registries, and other W3C standards for verifiable credentials.


dApp/Web3 Projects

Fluree combines cryptography and data standards, making it the only web3 data platform that provides programmability into data for trust and interoperability.

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