[Video] Time and Immutability in Data Systems

Forward-thinking enterprises are focused on building sources of truth – but there is no “truth” without time. This webinar will focus on how Fluree treats time as a first-class citizen in its architecture by expanding its transactional system into a time-based ledger of data events. By baking “time” in as an integral component of Fluree’s …

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[Video] Data-Centric Transformation

As enterprises begin to invest heavily in extracting analytical and operational value from data, the cost of building integrations, maintaining middleware, and managing data silos is skyrocketing. This webinar will break down the pitfalls of the “Application-centric mindset” and the opportunities that lie within re-building enterprise technology with data-centricity. Data-centricity offers new opportunities to scale …

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[Video] Managing Identity and Access on Master Data

Build operational applications and securely collaborate on Master Data using Fluree’s ledger and graph database technology. This example app showcases data-centric Identity and Access Management on operational Master Data, keeping in mind different permissions as well as data privacy regulations. Using Fluree’s SmartFunction capability, we are able to enforce granular security roles and rules around …

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