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Advocacy for the modern world.

We believe that your employees make for the best brand voice.
And the numbers agree:


Employees want to advocate their brand


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More engagement from employee networks


Learn how to unlock social advocacy

Get the facts on how effect social-media advocacy can be for your company.

Employee Advocacy

Attract top talent

Social enterprises are 58% more likely to attract top talent and 20% more likely to retain them.

Fill Positions faster

Employee referrals are filled in half the time as those sourced from a corporate career website.

Customer Advocacy

Increase conversions

Content shared from advocates are 7x more likely to convert as content shared directly by the company.

Better relationships

Customers sourced through advocates have 37% higher renewal rates.

Advocacy Marketing

Your employees add credibility to every post they share.

Companies who empower employees to share content perform better.

They can more easily increase their reach and engagement, attract top talent and sell their products. ​

Why launch an employee advocacy program? Because employee advocates put a trusted human face behind your content and messaging. ​When employees share news and information about your organization on social media, they extend your marketing reach and amplify your employer brand, consumer brand – all while becoming more engaged.

Surpass goals. Maintain relevance.

Social selling is the new reality and a must for brand awareness, customer acquisition, revenue & growth for B2B sales. The most effective sales organizations and reps now rely on digital and social engagement for prospecting, networking, and relationship building. By helping sales reps connect across trusted networks with buyers long before they make a purchase decision, social selling lets your sales reps demonstrate value and maintain productive connections over the lifetime of your relationship with customers.​​ ​

Almost 60% of a typical B2B purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a vendor. This is why social selling has emerged as a must strategy for sales professionals. Increase leads, interactions, conversions, and build relationships with prospects during the sales cycle by sharing valuable content.

Studies show that a message from an employee is trusted more than that from even the CEO.

Your marketing team members can reach out to a target audience in a more trustworthy way. Marketers need to empower employees to share approved industry and company content anywhere, anytime. By increasing advocacy and reach through a more trusted and authentic channel, you will drive more brand awareness and thought leadership.

Better Culture. Better Business.

You know internal communications are important to your company’s success, but do you know how important? You may be surprised by just how much internal communications can affect your company’s morale, productivity, and even revenue. ​

Communications professionals must consistently communicate with their globally distributed workforce, keeping them informed of company news.​

Strong communications are the lifeblood of any company’s success. Employee engagement, culture building, value reinforcement, diversity and inclusion, are all crucial pillars for employers of choice who effectively and consistently communicate with employee communities

Harness the social selling power of your customers.

Connected and empowered like never before, customers are disrupting the foundation of business. They are demanding to be put first. In this new world, customer experience is all that matters. ​

The Fluree Advocate platform unites internal teams, unifies customer data, and enables companies to create competitive advantages.

​ What makes Fluree a great employee advocacy tool?

Powerful Content Curation Tools

Anyone can be a designated contributor and easily add content. Articles, links, job postings, social posts, and more, on any device.

Distribute Approved Content

No more emailing links or attachments. Employees can consume and distribute stories on desktop, mobile and by email.

Analytics Keep You Improving

Understand how well your content is engaging employees across locations, departments and teams with fact-based, real-time analytics.

Elevate your employer and consumer brand.

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