The Power of Fluree in the Cloud

Fluree Nexus is Fluree in the cloud. Build, Store, Discover, Query, Analyze, Share, and Connect public or private data.


A World Wide Data Ecosystem

Fluree Nexus is a cloud data platform that connects data, people, apps, and organizations. 

Host your dataset on Fluree's Cloud infrastructure. Publish private and public datasets to the cloud, or connect your own managed data nodes. Query your datasets directly through the Fluree Nexus interface. Easy upload and maintenance - transact and update data at any time.

Connect your datasets to apps. Share data without boundaries - no scale limitations, no geographic limitations, and data can sit next to your processing. Build serverless applications atop serverless data. Reduce application development time and DevOps overhead.

Share and connect across boundaries with the power of linked data. Fluree's JSON-LD database structure provides semantic context to data sets and automatic ontology support with many built-in vocabularies ( or bring-your-own). URI identifiers link data sets automatically, and native ontology support allows for rich knowledge graph management. Fluree Nexus is perfect for hosting internal, hybrid, or open knowledge graphs.

Need to share your data set with other developers or data consumers? Easy URL-style access and sharing make passing your data set around much easier. Perform live collaboration on data with fine-grained read/write rules. Fluree's immutable history allows for branching and merging for git-style version control. Saving and sharing queries/analytics makes data sharing easy and smart, while data-centric security provides flexible data governance that scales alongside changing business environments.

A Data Solution for Everyone

For Developers

Host Fluree datasets, connect your apps, and collaborate on databases like never before with "source control" git-like features. Transact and query through an intuitive UI or through any app. Easily load Fluree Nexus datasets into serverless app environments.

For Data Publishers

Publish official, highly accessible, and trusted open or closed data on the cloud. Drive accessibility and discoverability of data while consolidating sources of truth for data consumers. Plus, data-centric security allows for fine-grained data access policies.

For Data Consumers

From data science professionals to citizen developers, Fluree Nexus will drive better data access and innovation. Write your own queries and explore schemas. View the cryptographic history for each transaction, and start a discussion about the data. 

On the Path to Web3

Fluree Nexus Product Roadmap

Right now, members of the Fluree community are invited to our closed-access beta. As we begin to roll out new features and partnerships, Fluree Nexus will become our premier offering as a platform and marketplace. 

Q3 2022

Beta: Cloud Offering

With our DbaaS offering, you can register and host your Fluree ledgers on our cloud and query them through an intuitive UI. Our primary users will be Fluree developers.

Q4 2022

Fluree Nexus: Open Linked Data

We’ll release support for open data publication as well as tooling for data scientists and analysts (Web-based analytics, visualization, discovery, sharing and collaboration).


Fluree Nexus Marketplace

We’ll build a thriving marketplace where users can buy and sell data through subscriptions, as well as algorithm-based “data apps” that clean or enhance your datasets.

Connecting Data, People, and Ecosystems

Publish Trusted Data

Give your data a home in the cloud. Publish data that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. Plus, give your data automated trust:

  • Data provenance(who or what created the data)
  • Data traceability (complete traceability into path of changes)
  • Data integrity (tamper-resistance)
  • Trusted identity using the Decentralized Identity standard

Discover and Access Data

Users can discover data on the public cloud or within their permissioned enterprise.

  • Browse and search datasets
  • Discover related datasets via shared topics
  • Save datasets and queries
  • Share datasets and queries

Query and Deploy Data

Re-operationalize data using industry-standard languages:

  • Multimodal Database – Query data in the language you know (SQL, GraphQL, SPARQL, FlureeQL)
  • Federated Query – Virtualize across any number of datasets within a single query
  • Machine-readable  – Data is organized in RDF, consumable by any application or machine

Made Possible by Fluree’s Core Data Platform

Semantic Web Standards

Leverage global schemas, enabling linked data to be connected through unique identities (IRIs) and ontologies.

Unlimited Cloud Scale

Architectural separation of update system from query server allows scale without affecting transactional performance.

Data-Centric Security

Define, execute, and manage data read/write governance policies at the data tier with Fluree SmartFunctions.

Trusted Data Provenance

Data updates are cryptographically secured in an immutable ledger and tied to provable identities.

Multi-Modal Access

Allow consumers to access and use data in the query languages they know (GraphQL, FlureeQL, SQL, & SPARQL).

JSON-LD Native Support

Fluree combines the ease of JSON documents with the power of linked data.

Power Data Ecosystems

The age of data ecosystems is here – Fluree Nexus is the only solution that can bring data sources and consumers together under interoperability, security, and trust.


Open Linked Data

Fluree Nexus is the best place to publish trusted and valuable open-linked data from an official source. Fluree Nexus will not only make your data more accessible for your data consumers but far more valuable as part of an open knowledge graph.


Data Fabric & Data Mesh

Fluree Nexus brings together distributed knowledge domains and data consumers - perfect for data mesh and fabric. Fluree Nexus provides data lineage, data-centric policy enforcement, multi-modal self-service query, and global semantic standards.


Verifiable Credentials & DID Registeries

Register your verifiable credentials and Decentralized Identifiers on Fluree. Fluree provides the W3C JSON-LD support to store, manage, and retrieve credentials.


Dynamic Knowledge Graphs

Fluree Nexus' native support for RDF, ontologies, and JSON-LD make it a perfect platform to manage dynamic knowledge graphs that can power operational and analytical apps.

By developers, for developers.

Fluree empowers data-first development across the entire stack. Entirely built on standards, Fluree is easy to test, build, and scale projects.

Libraries For All

Fluree has robust APIs and libraries for Javascript, Node.JS, and more.

Demos and Examples

Demos, schema templates, and lessons available for free.

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