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Build better applications with a tamper-proof blockchain ledger, semantic graph query engine, linearly scalable query edge servers, and co-resident data security.

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Rave Reviews for Fluree

"The Fluree team has a proven track record in building enterprise software. Its practical and accessible approach to blockchain will grab the attention of businesses."

"The multi-consensus mechanism used in FlureeDB lets businesses create an internal database offering complete privacy, or to create a completely decentralized database for total transparency."

"Beyond providing an immutable blockchain core for tamper resistance and a provable historic audit trail, FlureeDB provides “smart” database functions for programmatic control over data updates, consensus rules, or permissions; a “Time Travel” point in time query; and a graph database format with analytical query logic support."

"From food to car maintenance to legal documents to business audits to real estate transactions, businesses and individuals want to know that digital records and information are accurate and haven’t been altered. They want proof. With FlureeDB, businesses both large and small can quickly and easily provide that guarantee, while at the same time getting the many benefits that the FlureeDB solution has to offer."

Emerging technologies deserve better data

microservice architecture

Fluree provides a central source of shared truth for coordinating stability across disparate microservices. With the ability to freeze time to accommodate concurrent queries and the permission-at-the-source security model to bypass extra “discovery” layers, Fluree is the data source every microservice architecture needs.

trusted data sharing

With blockchain cryptography, optional decentralization, and configurable rules written directly to the ledger, Fluree can power deep interoperability across business units, organizations, or entire industries.

artificial intelligence

Fluree provides AI technologies with higher-quality data (full historical context, immutable & tamper-proof) and a better way to access it (graph query for sophisticated analysis, multi-source query to broaden access and depth of knowledge).

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