[Video] Time and Immutability in Data Systems

Forward-thinking enterprises are focused on building sources of truth – but there is no “truth” without time.

This webinar will focus on how Fluree treats time as a first-class citizen in its architecture by expanding its transactional system into a time-based ledger of data events. By baking “time” in as an integral component of Fluree’s system, we can manage data in a historical context. Fluree’s ledger system unlocks a wide range of new capabilities in data collaboration, data analysis, and data audit.

We”ll cover the key benefits to time and immutability in Fluree’s ledger system:

Time Travel – Any query that can be issued to Fluree can be issued against a specific moment in time in the history of its data. This capability enables instant time travel to any historical version of the database and allows data to always be reproducible and auditable. Excellent for debugging batch processes, solving customer support issues, or understanding data revision history.

Data collaboration – Multiple systems (or humans) querying transactional data need a consistent view of that information without the possibility that it could have served up older or newer versions to different consumers. Fluree allows microservices architectures or data scientists that leverage a source of truth to lock in a time for reliable results.

Data-As-Events – This will replace your data change capture process – Fluree can listen for changes in data and kick off sophisticated notification or command processes as a result. No need to build custom middleware – this can all happen under the hood!

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