[Video] Scaling Data to the Edge

The era of cloud computing has provided an opportunity for data architectures that are more dynamic, elastic, and scalable. However, old infrastructure-focused systems were not designed to take advantage of cloud computing.

Enterprises in 2021 will need a new set of tools to deliver high-quality data at the speed and scale of business. This webinar will cover how Fluree’s unique architecture allows for new opportunities in edge scalability without the tradeoffs. How? Fluree’s distributed ledger maintains all-state for the platform, freeing the graph database to run fully stateless as a scalable data delivery network. Fluree’s database engine runs on the JVM or JavaScript and is capable of operating in-memory; it can scale dynamically and runs easily in containers or even as an in-browser web worker.

These databases enable powerful analytical queries and are multi-modal, presenting native query results for GraphQL, SQL, W3C SPARQL, and JSON-based queries. Because of how quickly these analytically-powerful ‘state-less’ databases can be spun-up and spun-down, Fluree simplifies the edge deployment of temporary data compute environments.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Fluree Architecture: [Stateful] ledger servers and [Stateless] graph database query servers
  2. Edge Capabilities: Embedded query servers as a “code-resident graph database” in Docker, Javascript, and beyond.
  3. Elastic Scaling: The power of the cloud without the 24/7 uptime overhead
  4. Demo: We’ll write some code to show Fluree’s scale up and out data delivery with NodeJS.


Why it matters: Organizations need to deliver data to the speed and scale of business: elastic scaling in the cloud allows for no required 24/7 uptime for payloads, and code-resident embedded databases allow for no-fetch, sub-millisecond query responses. DevOps can now have their cake and eat it too.

Associated Github repo: https://github.com/fluree/node_demo_aws

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