Hey Flureeans - We switched up our style and wanted to give you a first look at our new logo and mascot! 

Hey Fluree Community – We switched up our style and wanted to give you a first look at our new logo and mascot! 

Saying goodbye to an old friend 

Since our founding in 2016, we’ve been passionate about building the foundation for the web3. We used the “Flake” logo to demonstrate how data updates in Fluree are unique, thanks to temporal metadata and cryptographic immutability

The flake logo has always been a conversation-starter for us – it helped showcase Fluree’s innovative approach to software development where the emphasis is uniquely placed on data rather than the application. We still <3 the flake logo and are thankful for its role in the early Fluree days. 

Getting bigger and better – with a community

We wanted to expand the Fluree brand positioning beyond our technical componentry and incorporate our main focus in 2021: community. We’re so grateful for our early-stage adopters, our developer slack community, and our global partners. Our new Yeti-themed logo signifies our commitment to educating and empowering our developer community to move fast and build great things.

Also, our co-founder Brian Platz really likes Yetis. 

Freddy (The Yeti) – The Immutable Snowman

Fluree’s mascot — Freddy the Yeti — is used throughout our site to help explain technical concepts, onboard new users, and to be a generally friendly face. Watch out for him in new additions to our developer blog series (new content coming soon!).

Fluree’s future – Innovation and Partnership

If you are building on Fluree, we’ve already got one thing in common: a commitment to Web3 values. Our team (including Freddy) is excited to work alongside today’s innovators to build tomorrow’s web3 ecosystems. Let’s get started

(see our full brand standards here: https://flureestg.wpengine.com/brand

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