Fluree Version 1.0 is now in beta and Fluree Version 0.16 is now stable.

Fluree Developers —today we are excited to announce:

  • We’ve moved 0.15 (previously released in beta) to a stable 0.16 release.
  • Fluree Version 1.0 is officially out in beta

Updates to v0.16:

  • Minor improvements to the Admin UI
  • Fixed permissions to handle multi-cardinality roles
  • Removed deprecation syntax warnings, as both syntax formats are supported. [Referenced in
    v0.15 Release]

What’s New in v1.0:

Support persisting raft snapshots in S3 bucket. [NEW FEATURE]

Currently, index/block segments and raft snapshots are stored on every machine.  Fluree now supports using an AWS S3 bucket as a storage option. 

The current list of supported options are:

  • file – on-disk and replicated on every ledger node (the default)
  • memory – stored in memory (useful for testing). Currently only supported for a single, centralized server. fdb-consensus-type must be set to ‘in-memory’
  • s3 – stored in an AWS S3 bucket; some things are still stored locally for fast access

A new property, fdb-storage-s3-bucket, has been added to identify the s3 bucket. Make sure to specify the name of an S3 bucket you control, and that the database process has access to your credentials. For more information, see: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/sdk-for-java/v1/developer-guide/credentials.html

While making this modification, the snapshot functionality was removed from the Admin UI.  However, the API end points are still available.

Beta: Support for SQL in Clojure & Node.js APIs [NEW FEATURE]

Docs and examples coming soon!

Server Improvements

The most notable server improvements are:

  • Improved syncTo processing
  • Fixed issue where adding a listener didn’t trigger events when ledger was not previously loaded
  • Require auth to delete ledger in closed-api mode
  • Fluree Health Check includes server status
  • Added work queue summary to nw-state output
  • AES disk encryption is now standard
FlureeQL Improvements

Notable improvements to FlureeQL include:

  • New SmartFunctions
    • cas – compare and set
    • subs – substring
    • not= – test inequality
  • Improved query caching 
  • Fixed issue where collection-default SmartFunctions were not always triggered properly
  • Added support for multi-cardinality roles
  • Improved validation for Block and History queries

Admin UI – Updated branding and Improvements

Updated Dashboard

The dashboard’s new fresh look is easier to read.

Centralized Query Page

There is now one central page to query Fluree’s graph database.

  • Select the query language of choice (e.g., FlureeQL) from the left navigation bar.
  • The re-branded Query page is divided into 3 panels: History, Query and Results. The selected language is displayed in the title of the Query panel.
  • Visibility of the History panel is controlled by the ‘History’ button in the navigation bar above the panels.
  • The Query panel is now resizable and the display settings are “remembered” between sessions.
  • When available, the Fuel Spent, Status, and elapsed Time are displayed prominently at the top of the Results panel.

Transact is a Separate Page

Transact is now a separate option on the left navigation bar, positioned immediately below Query.

Network Dashboard (New)

The Network Dashboard displays current state for Fluree server(s) as retrieved from the Fluree server to which the Admin UI is connected. The state information includes:

  • status of the Fluree server(s)
  • identification of the current leader handling blockchain consensus
  • the number of pending transactions

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