Fluree Releases Version 1.0 Under Open Source License

Fluree is open and available today under Open Source license. The future data platform - now accessible to all.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Fluree V1.0 under the AGPL Open Source license. Developers in our community can now pull from and contribute to Fluree’s source code on Github

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Sidebar: What is Fluree?

Fluree is an Open-Source Semantic Graph Database that guarantees data integrity, provides traceability into data provenance, facilitates secure data collaboration, and powers connected data insights. Fluree organizes blockchain-secured data in an append-only, immutable ledger. Fluree exposes the ledger data in industry-standard RDF as a semantic graph database. Fluree can run on any machine, and its “edge” query servers can be scaled linearly to meet any level of enterprise demand. Fluree can even run as an in-memory database alongside your code, thanks to our Javascript library and React Frontend capabilities.

Read more about fluree in our documentation

On the heels of concluding our Seed Round fundraise, the Fluree team is now focused on growing an open-source community of technologists passionate about the future of secure, democratic data management.

Fluree co-founder Brian Platz and Flip Filipowski have always planned to build the Fluree platform alongside an open-source community. The two established Fluree as a Public Benefit Corporation to use the power of open, trusted data management to solve large-scale problems in our enterprises and society. Many of Fluree’s key use cases today —  including Verifiable Credentials, Decentralized Identifiers, Master Data Management, Open Data platforms, and integrations with Public Blockchains — will benefit from an open-source community behind the technology and a rejection of vendor-locked proprietary formatting. 

Why Open Source?

Trust and Accessibility. 

Trust – Data is becoming an important, dynamic asset for every organization. If enterprises are going to entrust a platform to securely manage this critical asset, it should be open-source and standards-based. Data is too valuable to be locked up in a proprietary format; held hostage by a single private vendor. By open-sourcing Fluree and leveraging W3C standards, you can have confidence that your data is future-proof and portable.

Accessibility – Fluree is excited to provide its technology to anyone involved in the future of our internet. We are firmly committed to the idea that everyone should have equitable access to this cutting-edge technology. 

Why Now?

Fluree shipped its first production-ready offering in 2018. Over the last two years, we assembled a team of skilled engineers to build out the platform with key features and open-source libraries, drawing from feedback in our growing developer community

Today, we feel confident in releasing Fluree Version 1.0 to the world — under Open Source —  so that we can move our technology forward, together with our community. 

What is the difference between the Open-Source Community Edition and the Fluree Enterprise License

Not much from a technical standpoint. Let us explain: 

All of Fluree’s features will be available for general use in our Open-Source version. We figured it wouldn’t make sense to restrict bells and whistles for members of our community that are investing the time to learn and build on our platform. 

Examples of folks that would build on Fluree’s Open Source Community Edition:

  • You are a university professor or student
  • You are a startup building an innovative SaaS or dApp
  • You are a developer at an enterprise testing Fluree in a proof of concept phase

When you might make the switch to Fluree’s License-Supported Model:

  • You are looking for 24/7 Commerical Support for setup and maintenance
  • You are deploying Fluree in a critical production environment that requires Fluree’s “officially-approved” license

Fluree also intends to build out a suite of enterprise solutions around the core product, including tools to manage a Fluree data network and associated dashboards. 

A Third Option: Fluree’s Commercial Cloud

Would you like to build, test, deploy, and run Fluree without provisioning your own servers? Get in touch with sales to chat about our Database as a Service cloud environment.

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