Fluree Partners with Zeeve to Automate and Monitor Enterprise Blockchain Deployments

The technology integration provides automated deployment for BYOC, infrastructure monitoring, and automated DevOps capabilities for Fluree's blockchain data platform.

Fluree and Zeeve are excited to announce a DevOps partnership to reduce the friction, time, and cost associated with deploying enterprise blockchain solutions and distributed applications.

About Zeeve

Zeeve is an enterprise-grade blockchain-as-a-service platform that allows companies to set up custom managed blockchain ecosystems. Zeeve’s infrastructure automation and monitoring platform will provide Fluree customers with guaranteed production-grade deployments and ensures significant cost savings.

About Fluree

Fluree is a leading data platform for enterprise applications and data-driven innovation. The Fluree platform organizes blockchain-secured data in a highly scalable semantic graph database. By arming data with native traceability, interoperability, context, and security — Fluree is enabling a new class of data-driven applications for the digital enterprise… And with GraphQL, SPARQL, and front-end libraries including Javascript, NodeJS and ReactJS, Fluree’s full-stack data management solution is a developer-friendly and highly frictionless tool for building new distributed applications.

Why is this important?

Faster, Automated Deployment of Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain technology is permeating every private enterprise and public sector industry – with Wipro reporting 75% of executives see Blockchain as an enterprise-wide strategic priority in 2020 and beyond, PwC reporting 84% of enterprise organizations are involved in blockchain, and the global blockchain technology market expected to reach $57USD Billion by 2025.

Executives have moved from discovering unique ways in which blockchain technology can improve their digital products or drive digital innovation and are now searching for the best technology platforms on which to build, deploy, and manage blockchain solutions. 

Zeeve and Fluree’s technology integration will allow for faster blockchain development and deployments of enterprise solutions by combining Fluree’s blockchain-backed data management technology with Zeeve’s infrastructure automation and advanced analytics capabilities. Zeeve’s automated cloud deployment platform will allow enterprise IT professionals to seamlessly deploy and monitor Fluree’s blockchain database technology — resulting in a streamlined product path from POC to MVP to GA. Cutting the friction and cost of deployment, Zeeve and Fluree’s technology integration will provide developers and systems integrators with a faster time to market and an increased ROI on production use cases.

How does the Integration Work?

Deploy a Cloud-Native Fluree Instance with the Zeeve Platform in a matter of minutes.

  • Easily configure your network with Zeeve’s GUI based options. 
  • Zeeve allows you to deploy your Fluree network in any of the 3 modes: Dev, Ledger or Read. 
  • You can add additional nodes to your network or provide a unique name to the network and Zeeve will take care of the configuration in the background. 
  • Once you are done with Fluree configurations, complete the cloud configurations and select your cloud provider for network deployment. Select Region and Instance type. 
  • Zeeve deploys individual instances for each Fluree node, and that is decided during configuration of the Fluree network. 

What are the key benefits?

  • Complete Automation – Given the high cost and effort requirements for production deployment and management of distributed and decentralized systems, automation is the only way to go. Zeeve automates 100% of key DevOps functions, reducing the need for DevOps expertise and time commitment for the teams. 
  • Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) – Zeeve has integrated Fluree on its platform and users can do one-click deployments over all popular service providers. Users maintain complete control over the network while authorizing Zeeve to connect to a cloud service provider and manage the technical complexities.
  • Configurability – With detailed configuration options for the Zeeve platform, users can bootstrap Fluree nodes in a few minutes. Along with the ease of use, Zeeve guarantees production-grade deployments.
  • Monitoring Benefits – Zeeve provides automated notifications in case of resource constraints or in a scenario where the network needs to be auto-scaled to add new nodes.
  • Scale & Share Networks – Add nodes on the go in the same network or cluster. Zeeve makes creating consortia a breeze and allows users to share network invitations with other consortium members. BYOC allows users to participate in the network using their preferred cloud provider.
  • Product Deployments and Marketplace – Zeeve provides automation for your Fluree nodes as well as solutions built on top of the network, offering ready to use CI-CD setup. Zeeve allows users to list one-click deployable solutions in the Marketplace.
  • Availability of Zeeve Experts – Take guidance from our blockchain architects and DevOps experts to remove technical blockers in managing the network or deploying your solution.

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