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Fluree and Storj Labs Release Tardigrade Integration

Fluree joins forces with Storj's Lab Tardigrade Cloud Service to provide secure, decentralized storage for dApps.

As part of our 0.12.0 release, we’ve added a direct integration into Storj Labs’ Tardigrade cloud storage service to give you more options in cloud storage.

Why is this important?

This partnership encapsulates the Web3 Stack – Delivering high-integrity data that is trusted by nature, decentralized for security, and distributed for efficiency. Enterprises running Fluree in their Web3 stack should consider Tardigrade from Storj Labs as a choice for their dApps. Today, most dApps use centralized storage. Now with Tardigrade, a decentralized cloud storage service exists, that’s as fast as centralized services, more resilient, and half the cost. 

How does the integration work?

Customers running a Fluree ledger instance (Version 0.12 or later) can use our Tardigrade connector to create backup snapshots of the ledger as of any point in time and stream it directly to the decentralized Storj Network. 

The file containing the snapshot can later be retrieved from Storj. Using the connector, developers can list all of their fluree snapshots, create new snapshots, and use existing snapshots to create a new Fluree database. 

Tardigrade Documentation: https://documentation.tardigrade.io/how-tos/backup/flureedb-backup-to-tardigrade

Connector:  https://github.com/fluree/storj-fluree

What are some good use cases?

Having a hierarchical storage strategy is crucial for long term data retention, so choosing Storj as a Fluree snapshot backup is good practice for storing relatively large, relatively static data.

High performance and resilient storage also has use cases for larger media and other object types which can be a challenge for traditional blockchains and graph-based data management technologies—areas where Fluree thrives.

Data stored on the Storj network is client-side encrypted, erasure coded, and spread to nodes across the globe.  This means that your Fluree instance snapshots are globally available by default – no need for multi-region replication or additional configuration.  

We’re thrilled to be working with Storj Labs to give Fluree users more options when it comes to data storage. To get started storing your Fluree backups and snapshots on Tardigrade, follow the documentation. You can also read more about the Tardigrade decentralized cloud storage service by visiting their website

More about Tardigrade

Tardigrade is a decentralized cloud storage service that is private by design, secure by default, and more resilient than centralized solutions. 

With Tardigrade, files are encrypted and split into pieces client-side before being distributed across the Storj network of high-performance storage nodes. Each file is broken up into 80 pieces with each being stored on an independent Storage Node. Only 30 of these 80 pieces are needed to download a file, meaning your data is protected against data loss. 

The globally distributed nature of Nodes on the Storj network means that your data is faster, safer, and more resilient than the legacy, centralized alternatives. There are many thousands of Storage Nodes across the world, sharing their excess capacity.  Each is statistically uncorrelated, with different hardware types, independent power supplies and diversity of internet connection, meaning the likelihood of your data becoming inaccessible is greatly reduced. 

Unlike centralized cloud storage solutions, all of the data you store on Tardigrade is encrypted by default, meaning you don’t have to worry about improperly configured buckets exposing sensitive data.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about Storj Labs’ Tardigrade cloud storage service. 

** Note: This preview version of the connector framework is provided as-is and without warranty.

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