Fluree is opening a new chapter for 2020 and beyond - marked by a new website full of resources and a re-designed brand logo.

Happy 2020! 

After quite a few milestones in 2019 (including a successful seed round) the Fluree team is thrilled to announce a new path forward for our brand, marked by our re-designed logo and new website

The Flake

Our new logo is an evolution of our previous branding while maintaining the Fluree Flake. If you’ve browsed our documentation, you’ll already know that the flake is important to Fluree as it represents the most atomic unit of data in our system – a specific fact about a specific subject at a specific point in time. The flake is an extension of RDF, the World Wide Web Consortium’s standard formatting for data.

The Fluree Flake represents our data-centric philosophy. It’s believed that no two snowflakes are the same; this is also true for time-stamped data in the Fluree ecosystem. By emphasizing the uniqueness of data, we expose its value as a versatile and dynamic asset across contexts, rather than a static and often-replicated resource locked in a centralized silo. 

Old logo (left) and new logo (right)

Choices in Data Collaboration

You may have noticed the Flake is also comprised of symmetrical ‘F’s for ‘Fluree’.

By combining optional decentralization, blockchain cryptography, and semantic data standards, Fluree can facilitate any degree of data interoperability and collaboration. 

The Web3 Data Platform  

You might know Fluree by the tagline, “Blockchain, Meet Database.” However, as we evolve and scale as a company, we’re also expanding our philosophy beyond this product-specific mantra. Fluree is a platform built for the next generation of the web. 

The “next web”, the Web3.0, requires much more value out of our data: context, quality, and trust. That’s why Fluree is the Web 3 data platform: the essential stack for data-centric solutions. 

Data is the new oil, and now the most valuable asset in today’s economy. However, its potential remains largely untapped by organizations. The average mid-size company uses 200+ SaaS apps – most or all of them disconnected in self-imposed data silos. 

Without direct, intelligent, and secure information sharing across applications and organizational boundaries, the “new oil” cannot be trusted, nor harnessed.  It is also a sign that the client-server model of Web2.0 has reached the apex of its evolution, and the “application-first” mindset organizations have promoted is backfiring into massive data lakes and bloated webs of APIs. 

Fluree instead aligns its stack to focus on data — the core asset of the next generation web (Web3.0).  Fluree’s data-first approach champions the idea that data should be a cross-enterprise asset serving multiple purposes across various contexts, should have provable truth and historical integrity, should be directly shared with third parties, and should defend itself with co-resident security.

Learn more about these features here.

The Fluree brand is so much more than graphics and colors

Sound like you? We are hiring!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming soon!


The Fluree Team 

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