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Fluree provides an extensive set of solutions for secure, connected, and trusted data ecosystems.
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Open-Source Database

Fluree is an open-source JSON-LD graph database, built with blockchain and semantic graph technology.

Golden Record Pipeline

Fluree Sense is an analytics platform designed to Ingest, Classify, Resolve, and Consume Big Data.

Data-Centric Customers

From next-gen Master Data Platforms to applied Verifiable Credentials, Fluree is being tested and operationally deployed by startups, government agencies and large enterprises to build secure, connected data ecosystems.

The US Air Force, on behalf of the Department of Defense, is developing data systems that deliver on the data policy shift from need-to-know to need-to share. At the same time, a data science / AI race with adversaries requires not just access to more data quickly, but data collaboration to increase effectiveness and reduce duplicate work.

Fluree’s SmartFunctions enable data to “defend itself” and programmatically enforce complex, and relationship-based data access policies in real-time down to a “cell-level”. Instead of 6+ month waits for data access and arduous sign-offs, the confidence to enforce data access policy in real-time with a secure, zero-trust, system delivers agility. Next steps include selective data sharing outside the DoD, something unimaginable previously.

There may be discrepancies that exist between dosages that are prescribed by doctors and dosages actually administered by SmartPumps IoT devices. These discrepancies can be serious or fatal for patients.

The joint-effort solution leverages Fluree’s ledger technology to capture historical data from SmartPumps and reconcile it against digital prescription information. The platform uses semantics to power data exchange between systems (machine<>machine) without a human intermediary.


Public blockchains are not optimized to store large amounts of data, but dApp developers need a layer 2 data management solution that retains data integrity and can power functional web-scale applications.

As a Layer 2 metadata system, Logosphere, powered by Fluree, will enable dApp ecosystems to be able to query blockchain data more effectively for analytical purposes, build data-centric dApps, and incorporate cross-app data sharing.

Managing student transcripts is a painful and document-heavy process that incurs costs on educational institutions and locks students away from accessing, proving, and transferring their credits.

Fluree has worked with Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Georgia Tech, Department of Education, and others to produce a data-centric system that issued digital transcripts via the W3C Verifiable Credential standard.


The next version of the internet – Web 3.0 – must include a fundamental privacy layer to digital communication where users control their identity and data. Web 3.0 rejects the centralized “client-server” model that has introduced an innumerable amount of security vulnerabilities to our current digital world and instead provides the architecture for a more secure and democratic internet.

Pravica is a communications platform for the user-controlled internet – and they’ve built it with Fluree’s blockchain database technology. Pravica’s suite of communications tools (email, instant messaging, and video conferencing) is completely decentralized – no one (not even Pravica) can access a user’s information.

Fluree is core to your next data transformation

Fluree offers the full spectrum of data management tooling for data-centric organizations – from the first step of integrating and migrating legacy system data infrastructure through to building modernized operational and analytical data infrastructure. 


Data-Centric Applications

Build powerful read-write apps that do more with data.


Verifiable Credentials

Build zero-trust identity networks.


Master Data Management

Build golden, authoritative sources of truth. Share and collaborate.


Data Modernization

Eliminate data silos and move your data infrastructure forward.

Become a Partner

Fluree’s Partner Network is an ecosystem of independent software vendors, systems integrators, value-added resellers, and cloud infrastructure technologies. Fluree partners with leading organizations across a domain of expertise to deliver Fluree Clean, Fluree Nexus, and Fluree Core capabilities.

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