Bring Digital Trust and Interoperability to Insurance

From better risk visibility & faster claims processing to collectively fighting fraud, Fluree can provide comprehensive benefits across the insurance value chain. Fluree combines blockchain technology, graph data management, and data-centric security functions for next-generation products.

With Fluree You Can

Trace & Trust

Fluree’s blockchain immutability allows you to trace and trust the historical provenance of data from origin to present. Leverage end-to-end traceability for cost savings in preventing fraud. Prove the unique identities of issuer and recipient, the timestamp of transactions, and the legitimacy of data.


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Securely Share

Fluree SmartFunctions provide an unprecedented level of data security – by injecting the read and write permission logic as co-resident data on Fluree’s ledger, insurance solutions can pair immutability with comprehensive security.

Build Industry Interoperability

Fluree was built to enable shared digital infrastructures for unified industry collaboration at scale. With optional decentralization for greater industry trust (powered by RAFT; pBFT) and semantic graph queries for connecting disparate data sets, Fluree can power deep interoperability across the insurance industry.

Advantages Across the Insurance Value Chain

Fluree is built to power bold digital transformation in industries where data trust, collaboration, and traceability are key drivers.

Digital Collaboration

From KYC checks to fighting duplicate claims, Fluree can empower greater insurance collaboration while protecting valuable data.

Document Management

Digitize your paper trails and bring document management to a trusted modern architecture. Kill data silos for good.

Native Auditing

Bring trust to insurance workflows and align your evidence for compliance. Fluree allows you to access and undersand every moment in your data's history.

Fight Fraud

Fluree's blockchain database allows for a collective effort against fraud; Fluree's graph provides quicker insights into fraudulent patterns.

More features

Time Travel

Query your dataset as of any moment in time

History Query

Track an asset through historical changes.


Data-Centric rules written directly to the ledger.


Optionally decentralize database via RAFT/pBFT

Semantic Standards

Query across data sources for rich interoperability.


Blockchain-grade cryptography


Sophisticated graph queries for native analytics

Javascript Library

Embeddable version of Fluree as Javascript

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