Blockchain for Aerospace MRO and Parts Tracking

Blockchain Technology enables end-to-end component lifecycle visibility, trusted data exchange across internal and external MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) stakeholders, and unified operational efficiency across the MRO Value Chain. This results in decreased risk, decreased turn around time, and cost savings for the entire industry.

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Blockchain Networks: Permissioned Versus Permissionless

Any company looking to learn more about blockchain technology will quickly find that there are different network deployments — Permissioned (where the network is closed to invite-only nodes) and Permissionless (where the network access and participation are publicly available). Which network type makes sense for your use case?

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Insurance and Blockchain

Insurance on the Blockchain

From better risk visibility & faster claims processing to collectively fighting fraud, blockchain can provide comprehensive benefits across the insurance value chain.

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