Trusted digital identity. Streamlined credentials.​

Combine robust permission-as-code, private/public key cryptography, and custom Blockchain distributed ledger technology for next generation identity management. From verifying employee credentials to building robust enterprise access management systems, Fluree’s technology can power your next identity management solution.

With Fluree You Can

Trace & Trust

Fluree’s blockchain immutability allows you to trace and trust the historical provenance of data from origin to present. Leverage end-to-end traceability for cost savings in verifying credentials and prevent fraud. Prove the unique identities of issuer and recipient, the timestamp of credential artifacts, and the legitimacy of credentials.

Securely Share & Verify

Fluree SmartFunctions provide an unprecedented level of data security – by injecting the read and write permission logic as co-resident data on Fluree’s ledger, credential systems can pair immutability with comprehensive security.

Build Industry Interoperability

Fluree was built to enable shared digital infrastructures for unified industry collaboration at scale. With optional decentralization for greater industry trust (powered by RAFT; pBFT) and semantic graph queries for connecting disparate data sets, Fluree is positioned to scale alongside your credential network.

The Power of Unified Traceability

Leverage blockchain technology for better identity, access, and credentials management:

Collectively Fight Fraud

Output Complete Audit Trails

Decrease Time-To-Verify

Empower Self-Sovereign ID

Advantages Across Industries

Fluree is built to power bold digital transformation in industries where data trust, collaboration, and traceability are key drivers. From verifying healthcare credentials to managing employee access to confidential business systems, Fluree is an excellent technology partner.

Higher Education

Roughly 20,000 students around the world purchase bogus degrees from “Diploma Mills.”

  • Prove the legitimacy of academic credentials
  • Reduce diploma and resume fraud
  • Reduce time-to-verify and overhead in transcript verification


A single month in delaying the verification of practitioners costs hospitals 30,000 per individual.

  • Reduce time-to-verify practitioner credentials
  • Leverage blockchain for comprehensive compliance
  • Scale credential systems across industry partners


The US reports nearly 3 million identity fraud cases every year.

  • Digitize government and state IDs to fight fruad
  • Build highly tamper-proof identity and access management platforms


General Workforce

Nearly 60 percent of hiring managers reported catching fabrications on job applicants’ resumes.

  • Reduce costs associated with hiring poor candidates
  • Reduce time and overhead spent verifying credentials
  • Build better access management security for enterprise systems

More features

Time Travel

Query your dataset as of any moment in time

History Query

Track an asset through historical changes.


Data-Centric rules written directly to the ledger.


Optionally decentralize database via RAFT/pBFT

Semantic Standards

Query across data sources for rich interoperability.


Blockchain-grade cryptography


Sophisticated graph queries for native analytics

Javascript Library

Embeddable version of Fluree as Javascript

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